Car owners need to be about car servicing. This is the maintenance of the car to the tee and cannot be taken lightly. Investing in a car is a ‘big’ investment and overlooking this timely servicing is asking for big tie trouble. When we talk about car servicing, it does not mean only filling up the fuel tank. Every small detail is must to look into and thus tends to save on the maintenance cost in the long run.

Regular Car Service

Basically, there are two types of car servicing, the Interim Service, and the Full Service.

1. Interim Service:

Interim servicing is specifically for drivers covering a high mileage that is, covering either 20000 miles or more every year. These drivers require a car service at least twice a year. During the interim service, it’s also crucial to ensure that the mechanic uses high-quality fluids, such as pentosin G13 coolant, to maintain optimal engine performance and prevent potential issues. Interim service includes a change of oil with checks carried out for worn tires, leaking hoses and faulty lights. The water of the coolant is topped, and so are the power steering and the brake fluid. This interim service differs from garage to garage. Some of the mechanics check out the brake pads, and there are some who check out the auxiliary drive belts, alternator, and the fan. Getting detailed information is the right way to go about this.

 2. Full Service:

Drivers who tend to have annual mileage on the lower side need to go for this full service. Some of the tasks included in this full comprehensive service are:

  • New air and fuel filter
  • Change of filter and oil
  • Check of the suspension for any damage or wear
  • Extensive check for wear and damage, leaks which includes the driving shaft and the steering system
  • Check for damage and hole s in the pipes and hoses and brake cylinders
  • Testing of the brake fluid and replacement
  • Tires checked
  • Checking of the wheel bearings
  • Monitoring of the brakes and removal of the wheels and a lot more

 Reasons for opting for Car Service:

Car service and that too on time is definitely beneficial in more than one way:

Car Service and Maintenance

 1. Increase in the Safety:

Driving long distances needs the car to perform well. This can be ensured when you get the car serviced on schedule. Breakdowns are unpredictable and more so with cars which are not serviced on time. As mentioned, car service includes a tire check and also the ignition system, which means you have a smooth drive to look forward to with this car servicing.

 2. Life Span Extended:

The required repairs are done on time and the damaged parts replaced can definitely increase the lifespan of a vehicle. You cannot think of replacing your car very often, and for this, you need to ensure it is in the best working condition.

 3. Saving Money:

Regular servicing of a car provides an assurance that minor damages are looked into on time. This is not as costly as major repairs. For example, the engine needs the right type of lubrication, or else it tends to break down. Replacement of the engine is one major expense which many of us would like to avoid. The same applies to the different parts of a car.

Choosing the right service center for your car means ensuring that only qualified and experienced professionals attend your car and provide adequate service. Just any mechanic will not do as this is compromising on the quality of the service. You can either ask around or choose to search online for a reputed mechanic for your car service. A little effort taken ensures you have a car which performs smoothly for a long extended period of time. An online search also offers you the freedom to compare the different prices, so that you can get the best deal.

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