Electric cars are going to finally breakthrough in 2018 and go from being an intriguing niche product into a viable option for American families to use.  This year will be the turning point when it comes to electrifying our roads.  Navigate Research reports that electric cars still only comprise around 1.5% of total U.S. car sales.  However, when it comes to electric cars, the most important numbers to pay attention are availability, driving range and price.

Finally, Americans will be able to purchase widely available and fairly affordable electric cars that hold a sufficient amount of power for them to get through their day without a lot of hassle.  Cars such as the Tesla Model 3, redesigned Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt EV will start to break through the trust issue that so many consumers have had with electric cars.

From a mechanical standpoint, electric cars are much simpler compared to internal combustion vehicles and can be more reliable as well.  However, it is going to take some time before consumers realize they won’t freeze up the way smartphones do.  As more electric cars are seen in large numbers out on the roads it will help with easing people’s fears.


This will be the primary entire year that the Chevrolet Bolt eV is out there nationwide. However, it had been a good marketplace success already. Over 20,000 of the model have sold-out to this point. And for most of last year, the automotive wasn’t even obtainable in each state. The cost of the Bolt EV begins at around $37,000 and has batteries available up to 238 miles.

Production on the redesigned Nissan Leaf has also just begun.  The Nissan Leaf is not competing head-to-head with the Bolt EV for now since it can’t go as far as the Bolt.  On one charge the Leaf can only go 150 miles.  However, it is less expensive, with the U.S. starting price at under $30,000.  There will also be a Leaf version that is closer to the price and range of the Bolt that is due out later.

model car

The Tesla Model 3 has a starting price that is around the same cost as the Bolt EV.  It had been projected that it would lead the charge for in the mass market EV race.  However, there have been problems.  Tesla has been struggling to produce the car – as of October, the company had only produced 260 of them.  This has given GM a big lead in the market.

However, if the company can resolve its production issues fast enough – although that is far from certain – then Tesla could manage to outsell either GM or Nissan electric cars, despite the fact that the dealer network of Tesla is much more limited.

More than 400,0000 individuals have paid refundable deposits already to purchase a Model 3.  According to transportation analyst Sam Abuelsamid with Navigant Research, it is expected that over half of those individuals will end up backing when they discover who much all of the options are going to cost, and what he says are the vehicle’s awkward interior controls. However, even if that happens, the Model will still be in a great position to become the leader in sales of electric cars.

There are two major advantages that Tesla has.  The first is the allure of Tesla’s brand.


The company’s dealer network is the other factor.  Although it is small compared to Nissan’s and Chevrolet’s, it sells electric cars much more effectively. A recent study conducted by the marketing research company Ipsos showed that salespersons at mainstream auto dealers frequently push customers who have an interest in electric cars towards gas-powered ones instead.

Each of the three electric cars that we have discussed is helping to change the attitudes that consumers have about EVs.  Tesla has successfully transformed the concept of what electric cars can really be, by making them desirable and intriguing.  The Bolt EV and Leaf have shown that they can be accessible – and that you can buy from a tesla online store or one at the same dealer that sells pickup trucks, and not just form a start-up car company.

Car key replacement Houston can provide services for both gas-powered and electric cars.  If enough people change their attitudes, electric cars can definitely be here to stay.

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Jonathan Weyer is a car enthusiast. He has been fond of cars at a very young age. Every part fascinates him, from the seats to the engine, even the key design! In his free time, he makes sure to take his dog for a walk and play with him at a local park. Other than, he writes a lot so he can share his passion with everyone.

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