Why is coding important as a skill for children to learn now? Learn the benefits of coding and how to get your child started in this guide.

“I know Kung-Fu.” Alright, so apps may not be there yet, but digital tech is changing the very fabric of our society.

A majority of businesses now call digital technology essential, and that’s to say nothing of how much time we all spend in the digital world for leisure. Digitization (and the code that makes it happen) is everywhere.

So why is coding important for kids of 2019? Let’s take a closer look.

Tomorrow’s Everyday

Think of it this way: there was once a time when people asked why teaching children to read was important.

Perhaps coding isn’t so fundamental a skill yet, but neither was reading when it first became a topic of discussion. The amount of time we spend in digital worlds is only increasing, so the need to understand at least the basics of digital technology is increasing with it.

Coding gives children an insight into the tech that now powers most of our world.

Tools of the Trade

Coding isn’t just a skill in itself. It demands a range of other disciplines, which means it also trains those disciplines through use.

Coding requires the coder to have hard skills like math and reading comprehension. But it also hones softer skills like creativity, attention to detail, and problem-solving.

These are all vital life skills for any child, and reinforcing them in a practical, interesting environment like coding classes helps lock those skills in.

A Taste of the Power

To grow into confident adults, children need to feel empowered. Coding is a kind of human superpower, allowing us to literally create something from nothing. It’s the perfect tool to impart a sense of empowerment.

With coding, children will learn that they have the ability to affect the world, and even put something out there that others can enjoy. This can be a landmark moment in a child’s emotional and social development.

Like a Boss

To get realistic, much of what we teach kids is to help them succeed in their careers, whatever those turn out to be. One of the best ways to do that is to train them in practical skills that will add to their worth as an employee.

With the digitization of our lives, coding has become a seriously in-demand skill, applicable to a wide variety of industries. By teaching children to code, we give them one more tool they can use to access better careers — and with them, a better quality of life.

Coding will likely remain a vital skill over the next few decades. It might even become a fundamental skill, so it pays to prepare children for the likely future.

Why is Coding Important for Children in 2019?

These 4 reasons are enough of an answer to the question “Why is coding important for children in 2019?”, but they’re not the only ones. That’s why coding is such a valuable skill for children in a digital world.

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