To achieve any significant results, regardless of your chosen field, you got to have the right tools for the job. Good intentions and expert knowledge are great, but you have to rely on your equipment when passing that knowledge to other people.

When talking about education and sports, writing boards have been a standard tool for many years. It’s a highly convenient way to present any lesson in this way. Even though most teachers nowadays include video presentations in their curriculum, the good old board has remained the backbone of every educational system. Go to to learn more.

Ease of Use and Versatility

What makes dry-erase boards so popular is just how practical they are. Teachers can easily plan and organize lessons by constantly presenting new ideas on the board. The same goes for gym teachers and coaches: in the competitive heat in the locker room and on the court, time flies fast, and the fastest way to explain strategies or demonstrate plays to your players is, you guessed it, the board.

One great advantage of classic boards over video presentations is that they’re self-reliant. Computers, as valuable and versatile as they can be, still depend on a power supply to function. In the event of a power outage or a loss of Internet connection, your teaching material is doomed. Luckily, the dry-erase board has always got your back.

The Benefit of Customization

Is there a rule stating that all boards have to be replicas of each other? On the contrary – now, you have the privilege of adjusting the board as you wish. If you’re a teacher, this means including the school’s logo and colors in the board’s design. Apart from looking neat, this brings the listener in much more effectively. Check this website for more details.

Professional designers are eager to meet your needs in every possible way. Which design or text they will print on your custom board is entirely up to you. Like seeing a trailer for an upcoming movie, they first produce a mock-up version and then print the real deal only after you’ve approved it.

Of course, good manufacturers provide some additional benefits. High-quality boards are really easy to clean: you only need water or some basic glass cleaner if the writing’s too stubborn. You should look for US-based boards, as they usually guarantee you top-quality production. Also, make sure you get a warranty against the wear-and-tear, such as fading, for example.

Tips on Picking Your Board


Not everyone feels the need to customize their dry-erase board. If you’re a beginner, you might think that any solution will do. But the more experienced you get, you’ll find that picking the right tool for you will help you achieve the desired results much faster.

Whiteboards come in different sizes; for instance, basketball boards are small – coaches don’t have the luxury of a classroom when planning the heated attack on their opponent. On the other hand, a classroom situation allows you to customized the dimensions according to the available space.

For educational or office purposes, it’s best to choose a fixed, sturdy board. If you’re drawing the defensive action to your team, that’s a different story: then it’s best to select a mobile board that can be easily rolled up and transported.

A Variety to Choose From 

A popular choice among physical educators is the so-called field and court board. The logic behind it is: why bother designing a custom board yourself, wasting time looking for materials, when you can hire professionals to do it at a low cost?

Arranging the details is very easy and convenient. You need to explain the specs to the sales representatives, and they move on from there. You can click here to see what a reputable provider has to offer. No doubt, a neutral, generic board will do the job; but that extra oomph that comes with customized panels generates excitement and good spirit between players.

You can compare it to a team that wears white jerseys with no letters or numbers. These things give identity to your player, the entire school, and if you can apply it to jerseys, why not do it with the rest of the equipment?

Dry-erase boards are excellent tools when it comes to making schedules. Organizing classes and meetings can be stressful, so you need a place to put it all down and modify it however you please. You can customize by picking the months you need, using the rest for your notes. Or leave it untouched, if you want; perhaps they got it right the first time.

Finally, you can use a great tool called the goal board. It’s just what the name suggests – a display of the short and long-term goals you’ve placed in front of your students or players. That way, you can both keep track of their progress and achieve better results.

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