There is a mistaken impression still today that a double bed or full-sized bed is big enough for a couple. This is just one of the many bedroom furniture myths that prevent people from getting the right bed for themselves. While a queen mattress is more expensive than a full-size bed, there are many reasons to choose it over others. Even if you are designing a teen’s bedroom, a queen-sized bed is in order.

Queen beds don’t really cost that much more than double beds today, even though the mattresses can cost dearly depending on the features and type of mattress you choose. And, with discount queen mattress most people can afford to follow through.

Start with these basic details

There are many reasons that people need a queen-size bed, and they might not even realize it. Below are some good points to make when you are considering whether or not to switch to a queen mattress.

Many bedding designers are no longer offering products that conform to a full-size bed.

Some bedding may be marked for use with both full size and queen mattresses, the truth is that the bedding has been measured for a queen bed. Putting a sticker saying that the bedding can also be used for a full bed simply serves to let people know that they will not find that size by itself.

Full-size beds are no longer sufficient for a couple.

There is no doubt that, just like the rest of nature, humans are constantly evolving. The people of today’s society are much taller, and larger in general than those of old. That means that most couples don’t have enough space in a double bed. The queen gives a few extra inches that can make a world of difference in comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Queen mattresses are necessary for tall individuals.

If you are over 6 feet in height, you probably don’t fit on a full-size bed. Double beds were originally designed to be big enough for a man of average height, but the average height of a man has changed drastically over the last hundred years. Even a single teenage boy may need a queen bed just so that their feet don’t hang off the end.


Considerations when choosing the right queen mattress

Now that you understand the need for a queen mattress, let’s discuss things you should consider as you search for the perfect mattress. In some cases, you may prefer to start over with an entirely new bed, but if you have existing bedroom furniture and only need to replace the mattress these considerations are still important.

How heavily will the bed be used?

If you are getting a whole new bed and mattress as you move your teen out of their small twin bed, it can pay to get a more expensive and durable queen bed rather than a cheaper full-size bed. If a bed is only going to be used on an occasional basis, such as that in a guest room or loft, there may be no need to splurge on replacing the double bed with a queen. On the other hand, if you’re going to be using the bed frequently you should choose a queen mattress of the appropriate durability.

You should also consider more than just frequency when determining how much wear and tear your mattress can make. Heavier or otherwise larger guests will cause the foam to break down faster, even over the course of just a few days. Any stress that is put on the bed can cause the mattress to break down more quickly, so it is important that the mattress is not abused.

Are you looking for a queen mattress for your guest bedroom?

Full-sized adults, particularly couples are not the only ones that should be using a queen bed. If you are putting the bed in a guest room, the queen size will ensure that you can accommodate any guest or couple, whether planned for or in need with no notice. If it is possible that your visitors could be larger in girth or stature, getting a higher quality mattress for your bedroom should be a priority. Such guests can break down a mattress quickly.

Instead, get a higher quality mattress rated for heavy use and larger weight capacities for your guest room to make it last many more years. In fact, your guest room mattress could last as long as 20 years with minimal use, making it unlikely that you will need to buy another until you move your household.

Is your teen going to be using the bed?

You can actually save a lot of money, time, and hassle by starting your teen out with a queen bed rather than getting a double bed for the in-between growth phase. In reality, most beds last a minimum of 10 to 15 years, which means your teen could easily use this bed for years after they move out of your home to start their own life.

The queen bed gives them room to grow in a way that doesn’t require you to buy another bed in a couple of years. Your teen can also take the bed with them when they move out on their own, decreasing the costs of starting their own household.

However, the mattress itself should be replaced every 8 years at least. Cheaper mattresses can last as little as 1 to 5 years, but you can get a mix of value and durability at reasonable prices. When getting a queen bed for your tween you should start them off with a cheaper memory foam mattress that will suffice for those few awkward years when they are hard on everything, then promote them to a nicer queen mattress sometime during their high school career that can take them into adulthood.

This will ensure that when they move out they have a bed of the right size and high enough quality to ensure a good night of rest before college exams or big projects at work. In short, they won’t have to worry about buying a new bed until after college or beyond.

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