Every year, as the temperature starts to drop, pests look for somewhere warm to stay. Your home is an obvious target, it protects them from the elements and they will often find all the food and water they need while they are there.

Of course, pests don’t generally pay rent and are not invited into your home. They can also cause a significant amount of damage, which is why you need to chat with your local pest control company regarding the most common pests in your area. This, and the following tips, can help you to avoid a pest invasion this winter.

Regular Cleaning

Your home may be kept clean and tidy. But, have you ever considered what debris you wipe onto the floor? The simple act of wiping crumbs from the countertop to the floor may seem like a negligible amount of food. However, too many pests, it is a feast.

The longer the crumbs exist the greater the number of pests that will notice them and head to your home.

In short, keep your house clean to avoid attracting pests at any time of the year.

Check For Moisture

Pests need water to survive. If you deprive them of this there is no desire to stay at your home. You’ll need to pick up all pet water and only put the bowls down when they need them. Alongside removing all standing water you can also check that you don’t have any water leaks. The easiest way to do this is to take a meter reading then wait a couple of hours with the water on but not using any of it.

Pest Invasion

If the water meter has changed you have a leak somewhere. You’ll need to find it and eradicate it or you will attract pests.

Sealing Cracks & Gaps

If you have ever had the exterminators in you’ll know they look at entry points and talk to you about sealing them up. When you walk around your home you’ll find there are a number of cracks and gaps, any of these can let pests in. You may be surprised at how a pest can get through a tiny gap.

The best way to prevent this from being an issue is to look, then seal every gap you find. It is worth paying extra attention to doors and windows.

Look At Your Garden Clutter

If you don’t already have a pest issue then the pests may simply think your house is too far to travel. That’s a good thing but spare a few moments to look at the garden. If you have piles of dead wood and rubbish then you are already attracting pests. Clear the clutter, tidy the yard, and make sure any woodpiles are as far from the house as possible. That will make pests less inclined to cover the distance from a woodpile to your home.

Remember, being vigilant is essential as this helps you to spot the pests early and resolve the issue before they cause damage.

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