Whether you are looking for a new nail style for the spring or you just want to make a new manicure, you should know the popular nail shape that people are choosing for 2018. It’s also important to know the shape that works best with your skin tone and complexion.


Until recent years, square nail shapes were the most popular nail shape, but now they have slipped into the background. Fortunately, they are making a comeback. Square nails are perfect for people who use their hands for work, and they are also a great canvas for simple nail art.

Square nails have sharp corners, and they are often filed from the middle. Square edges are the easiest shape to create. They are easy to achieve, and they can be used on fake nails and natural nails. Square edges look great with pale pastel polishes. They are also a great way to add width to a nail bed that is narrow.

Some people also like to wear rounded nails. A rounded shape will look good on a short nail, but they don’t work on longer nails. A longer oval shape will also break easily.

One of the most popular nail shapes is the square-meets-oval hybrid. This style is soft and looks good on both short and medium-length nails. However, it’s easy to mess up, and it’s best to stick to the true square or oval shape.

Another popular nail shape is the coffin shape. It’s a good way to add flare to plain nails, and it’s also a popular choice for celebrities. It’s a great way to show off your strength. It’s also very popular with women who have short nails.

These nails are great for people who have short nails, and they can also be a great option for people with narrow nail beds. They also look great when paired with a bold color. They’re also easy to maintain.

One of the best ways to determine your nail shape is to mirror your cuticles. If you’re not sure whether your nails are square or round, you can do a simple test by filing your cuticles from both sides.


Whether you are going to an evening event or are looking for a more casual look, the almond shape is a versatile nail design. Its rounded tips and slim sides make it versatile and flattering for both women and men. Unlike other nail shapes, almond nails are more durable and require less maintenance.

To add a unique touch to your almond nail design, add a few rhinestones to the base of the nail. You can also try adding a holographic polish to create a mother-of-pearl effect. Alternatively, if you prefer a more subtle finish, you could try a black lacquer.

In addition to the rhinestones, you can also try holographic nail polish to create a mother-of-pearl look. You could even try a darker color that will draw the eye along your fingers.

A classic French tip manicure is also a timeless look. It involves a nude base with a white tip. This design is easy to achieve with press-on nails.

The same basic design can be achieved with long or short nails. Longer nails make a more striking statement. You can also opt for a multi-color design, such as a sunset-inspired manicure. A mix-and-match design is also a popular trend right now.

Another way to highlight the almond shape is by applying a strip of white lacquer to the tip of the nail. This creates a glowing effect. Alternatively, you can use a dark asymmetrical line to create a sharper point.

To get the best effect from your almond nail design, make sure you maintain your nails. This will increase the longevity of the finish and prevent breakage. Moreover, if you are planning to wear your manicure for a long time, you may want to consider acrylic nails.


Amongst the many nail shapes out there, coffin nails are the best. This shape is fun and elegant and allows you to have fun with nail art. It is one of the most popular nail shapes on the market.

Coffin nails are named after the angular shape of a coffin. Nail technicians used nail forms to sculpt the nail into the coffin shape. It is similar to the almond nail shape, but it has a different design.

In the past, coffin nails were very difficult to achieve. They required a lot of upkeep, but they are now easier to achieve. These nails can be grown at home, or you can get them done at a nail salon.

Coffin nails come in many different colors. Some of the most popular colors include pink and black. If you want to go with a more subtle design, you can paint them with a solid color. Another popular color combination is glossy green.

Coffin nails are also available in a range of lengths. They are the perfect choice for those who aren’t ready for long acrylic nails yet. They also offer you more space for creative nail designs.

The coffin nail is a great way to show off a solid color, or you can choose to paint your nails in a more intricate design. It’s also a great way to show off textures and shapes. You can use glitter in large flake forms to get a great look.

Coffin nails are also popular with celebrities. Kylie Jenner has worn them for years. She started wearing them during the early days of her fame. It’s a fun and edgy look.


Among the various nail shapes, the round is the most popular nail shape now. However, there are several other shapes that have been gaining popularity in the past few years. These shapes can vary in terms of their visual effects and how they can make your fingers look. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help you decide which shape is best for you.

Round is a popular nail shape because it can be easily achieved, and it works well on all nail lengths. In addition, it is also easy to maintain at home. It is also a popular choice among those who like to keep their nails short.

It is the ideal shape for those who want to achieve a dramatic look. Its curved tips can also give your fingers a more slender look. In addition, the shape has less support on the sides, which can make it less likely to break.

Square is another popular nail shape. It is more visually appealing than the angular shape. It can also be used to create simple nail art. Square nails do not have soft, rounded points, but they do have straight, sharp corners. In addition, it is easy to maintain and looks best when paired with a bright, high-shine polish.

The Oval is also a popular nail shape. The shape is a good choice for dramatic texts. It is also a good choice for those who have narrow nail beds. In addition, it is a good choice for those who like to use acrylics.

Square-oval hybrid nails are another popular shape. This shape has a ribbed appearance, reminiscent of a stiletto nail. It also looks great with dual-toned manicures. However, it does not look good on oval or almond-shaped nails.


Whether you are looking for an easy manicure that will stay looking fresh and beautiful, or want to break away from the shellac, the semi-circle shape is the ideal nail shape. A low-maintenance manicure, it is easy to keep at home with a nail file.

The shape combines the beauty of an oval with the strength of a square. This nail shape is perfect for everyone. The rounded tips of the nails mirror the curve of the cuticle and can create the illusion of longer nails. A low-maintenance manicure, it is great for people with short fingers and wide nails.

The curved edge of the nail shape is also a trend for 2018. Instagram is encouraging people to wear this nail shape, and the shape has become a hit. This shape is easy to maintain and looks great on everyone.

The best nail shape for you will depend on your finger shape, your finger length, and your nail bed width. If you have wide nails, you might want to choose a shape that is rounded, or if you have short nails, you can choose one that is square. The round shape is perfect for anyone looking for a simple nail art look and will look beautiful with any color.

The almond shape is another low-maintenance nail shape. It has a wide base, which allows it to create a statement tip. It is perfect for people with short or wide fingers and looks great in all colors. It is a modern nail shape and is very popular with celebrities.

The shape of the nail is also determined by the type of nail polish you are using. This shape is more durable than the round shape, and it is also less likely to break.

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