It sometimes feels hard to find the right accessory for your outfit. After all, trends change constantly, making it even more challenging to wear jewelry that’s both in style and what you want to wear. If this sounds like your current predicament, then keep reading to explore some of the current trends in jewelry that will have you accessorizing with ease.

Bold Statement Pieces


One of the more common pieces of jewelry that many women wear is statement pieces. This type of accessory usually offers a bold print, design, style, or gemstone that makes it stand out from simpler pieces. If you’re looking for the best statement pieces from a reputable Women’s Jewelry site, then you need to check out Kendra Scott Jewelry for one-of-a-kind and luxurious necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

This jeweler uses natural gems, stones, and pearls to create stunning accessories. What’s even better is that this jewelry comes at a reasonable price, too. This way, you get the bold, desirable pieces you want without breaking the bank.

Jewel Tones


A trend that is sure to stay through the fall and winter season is jewel-toned accessories. If you’re unaware, jewel tones mimic the rich colors of gemstones. A few color examples of these include ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, deep yellow, and dark amethyst. These tones are the perfect addition to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Consider a pair of earrings that have this saturated and vivid touch, or fashion jewelry that is more affordable, making it easier for you to buy pieces that will match specific clothing items. By going for these jewel tones, you’re sure to be on-trend for the rest of the season.

Classic Elegance


Who can argue against classic options like gold or silver hoops? Or, maybe you prefer a simple necklace with a dainty pendant. Whatever the case, classic options for women’s accessories are always a great idea for many reasons. First off, these modest accessories will always match whatever outfit you wear.

Secondly, they’re versatile. They help to spruce up your look for the workday, and they can be worn for a night out with friends or your partner. So go ahead and opt for a pair of classy studs, solid hoops, or a fine necklace that will effortlessly fit into your wardrobe with ease and practicality.

Mixed Metals


Hear this out: mixing metals is okay. You read that right. Long gone are the days where you had to match every piece of jewelry to one another. In fact, it’s actually trendy to combine different metals into one accessory. This could look like pairing a rose gold ring with a silver one for a unique statement or stacking a bracelet of silver and gold together for a unified look.

On the other hand, some necklaces come pre-made, sporting different layers of metals so you don’t have to find these separate pieces and pair them yourself. Instead, you can reach for one that’s already made by a designer to make it more manageable.

Another way to promote this clashing mixed-metal style is by wearing different earrings in either ear. Many are opting to wear different earrings in various lengths and metals across both of their ears. So, instead of a matching set, go for whatever speaks to your soul. This creates a one-of-a-kind style and an opportunity to show off your favorite pairs of earrings with ease!

All in all, no matter what you prefer to wear, by keeping these styling tips in mind, you’re sure to stay on top of a few powerful jewelry trends, making accessorizing a breeze.

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