Playing by the rules, learning how the game is played, and being part of a team are some of the basic life skills we are taught and participate in as a child. The coach, whether it be in the form of a teacher, a sports person, or a judge in court, shows us and discusses with us how things are meant to happen and we are obliged to follow them.

Thus when we reach adulthood and are thrown with both feet into situations that at first glance seem overwhelming and completely daunting, we will be able to rely back on the basics and foundations we were taught and implement them into our lives and find a beneficial solution.

The same goes for relationships. There are essentially two teams, they both play the game, but sometimes there is no winner and the score is written down as a draw. Now, when it comes to marriage and finding an ending that (ideally agrees with both parties) is amicable, it may take time, effort, and in some cases needing the law to step in and finalize the proceedings.

Common ground

When a couple decides to split, end a marriage, or separate, some guidelines need to be followed. The process may begin where each individual finds legal representation, and the paperwork begins to cut ties with the initial marriage agreement. Unfortunately, one of the couples may find things difficult to process if they are not ready for the split, or this is all coming as a surprise, and this can make things complicated for the other person who is trying to move on with their life.

It is always best to try to talk things out, work out a way that benefits all parties, and no one is left feeling shafted once the papers have been signed. But there are certainly times when one of the ‘team’ will put up a fight, argue every point and angle to ‘save’ the union, and it only adds to the frustration, not to mention the pain caused, for everyone.

When this begins to happen you want to look at legal papers such as a decree of dissolution of marriage Oklahoma where companies can step in and help you reach your goal. We are all human, it is natural to have emotions that spiral out of sync from time to time, but there is also no point in staying in a relationship when the other person is no longer invested and wants out.

Dissolution decree papers will help keep things moving, instilling the help of professionals that can guide and advise you along the way, and they have the industry experience to find the best solutions and outcomes for personalized scenarios.

A closer look

closer look

If legal jargon for you is like trying to understand another language then you are not alone, so in simple terms, a decree of dissolution of marriage is when both individuals agree to end a marriage without a huge conflict erupting. They are the legal and final papers drawn up by the courts and the particulars are signed off by everyone including the judge.

Finding the right help

If you are on the surprise end of the split then you will need the best legal aid you can get, and with so many companies and brands out there, it can be scary knowing who to choose or who is the best, more importantly, you want a firm that will have your best interests at heart.

There is no rating website where you can shop from a list of businesses and choose from the top 3 firms when looking for legal assistance, but whilst doing your research and homework there are factors and criteria you can look for, be aware of, and enquire about and this will narrow your search to a handful of options.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 factors other people have considered essential to have when looking to hire legal help.


  • Experience

I am all for hiring a law student fresh from grad school to help with hands-on real-life experience and cases, but perhaps not so much with the dissolution of a marriage. Look for a lawyer and law firm who have at least 10 years of legal practice, have seen and dealt with many situations and will offer advice for the best results to suit your situation and lifestyle.

While being in the business for many years does have its advantages, it also instills confidence in the client in your abilities. Professional help is always a plus and can only be a plus side to your case, so take a moment to read an interesting article on it here if you are hesitant or have any reservations.

For sure this is high on the list, if not the top priority of people, and everyone always asks, how much it is all going to cost. The last thing you need is to go through the legal procedures and court appearances only to come out the other side with two cents to your name, you have already lost a partner, you don’t want to lose absolutely everything else. Do your homework, check average prices for the area and field of expertise.

  • Area of law

This is not something people think about until it is mentioned by either the lawyer themselves stating their familiarity with the issue at hand or a friend or family member looking out for your well-being. Check that the person helping and advising you has the necessary knowledge, a specialized legal aid may cost more but you pay for what you get right?

  • Location

Look local. This is a piece of advice I have heard time and time again and when the phone call comes to make multiple court appearances, attend meetings, and be present for document signing you don’t want to be driving an hour each way just to get to the lawyer’s office or courthouse.

  • Compatibility


It is very important that you feel comfortable and at ease with the person that you will hold responsible for helping you with your case. If there is a strain in communication or a feeling of unease, it could raise your anxiety levels and make the whole situation that much worse.


Even if you both agree to the terms and the paperwork has been signed it is still an end to a part of your life you once loved, cherished, and enjoyed together. You may have a well-rehearsed smile on your face the whole time but when you climb into your side of the bed with the other half bare it can all come down like a lead weight on top of you and can be a lot to deal with, mentally and emotionally.

There are coping mechanisms that are advised at the end of the process by legal aids, support staff, and even friends, and while you may think you have everything under control and your emotions in check, we could all use a helping hand from time to time.

If you click this link you can read some helpful tips and advice on the topic, to see that this has happened to others and they have come out the other side in one piece, they have survived and you will too. There is always a silver lining to those grey clouds you feel don’t seem to want to leave the top of your head, taking it one day at a time and each step as it comes the light at the end of the tunnel with shine sooner than you thought.

Look in your area for support groups where you can go and listen to other people share how they feel and cope with the breakup and you may find that some points resonate with you and your situation, you can make peace with yourself on particular sore points, and you may even make a friend in the group. Win-win.

If being around people is not in your interest there are other options, online webinars you could join to simply listen anonymously too, read books on the subject for a different perspective, or seek counsel at your church. There is something for everyone and a version of help for all broken hearts, you are not alone and you don’t need to go through it alone either.

Mending a broken heart

Mending a broken heart


We all feel sadness or grief in our own way, some choose to block it out, others throw themselves into fitness and sign up to every gym class available at the local fitness center, and that’s fine. You need to do what feels right to you, but take note, joining a spinning class doesn’t make the feelings go away, you still need to deal with them, process them, and move on from them so that you can heal.

There are plenty of opinions and methods people prefer when it comes to self-care or healing, and each to their own as my granny always liked to say, but you need to find what works for you. See here what some of those could be, and when you find the right fit you’ll know.

You will feel a sense of relief in some way like the weight is slowly becoming lighter on your shoulders, and the pain is not as evident as it has been. As the old saying goes, time heals everything, and isn’t it so true. No matter what we go through, once we are past the initial anger, fury stage we begin to think a little clearer, more rationally, and begin picking up the pieces and somehow put them back together again. It may not be the same as before, but it’s a start.


We say conclusion or a final thought but we can never truly, really turn our emotions off. We each have our specific triggers that when we see, feel or hear them we are taken to a moment in our lives personalized to that feeling and it can send the heart into a state of uproar. The best we can do is manage them in a way we believe is for the best personal outcome.

Life is tough this is no secret, and relationships even more so, throw into the mix the factor of legal papers and the legal system and it can become serious much quicker than we anticipated. This doesn’t mean to say that you should never embark on a relationship for fear of failure and the drama of having to end it, but if it comes to that then there are professionals and reputable companies to help.

A business with a great reputation in legal help could be just the answer to your prayers that could change your life and future for the better.

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