Do you possess’ entrepreneurial drive and spirit?  Are you interested work from home Jobs? This is site is for you then. In this article, we will be looking at the best part time jobs from home.  However, you will first have to determine what you are interested in doing, register the business structure or LLC and you will be good to go.

For those people who have an entrepreneurial spirit, startup costs can at times be a great barrier. There is always a great opportunity for any willing online worker. There are a number of business ideas that will need little in startup costs or resources to get started. In case you are dreaming big but on a small budget, here is a list of the best part time work from home.

1. Consulting


Do you possess a skill you can share with other people?  Are you an expert in a certain field? You can always share the knowledge you have with others and get paid. There are people who are willing to spend their money on people who can help make their life easier by improving on the existing skills and learning new ones.  This is known to be an excellent low-cost start-up business idea although you will have to work extra hard in order to get clients and market yourself. There are different fields you can always offer your services on. Get a field where you are good at and offer consulting services at a fee. There are thousands of people earning good cash right from their homes by offering consulting services.

2. Reselling of Products

reselling of products

There are home business tips that do have low startup costs which can mean you do not have to spend a dime or at least failing to spend any more than what you already have. You can always look around your home; maybe you might be having lots of items lying around that you can get rid of. Consider opening an eBay account and start selling your junk or consider making use of platforms like Craiglist or Marketplace. You need to know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.   One can make a lot of money by reselling things they don’t use around their home. From there, you can always branch out and purchase cheaper items and resell them online making profit. Another place where you can always get deals buying at a cheaper price and selling at a higher price is Amazon.

3. Virtual Assistant

virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is another home business when you can always do online. It’s very difficult to place a label on virtual assistant responsibilities since there are many. In case you are good at entering data, you can always bid and get hired to work on such tasks. You can also type on a project if you are great at writing. In case you are good at researching, you can easily take reigns on such a project for a business. For any pretty responsibility, you can always think of where you can easily excel, save money or solve issues. You can always earn money by working as a virtual assistant and you will not have to only focus on that one job. You can always do other types of online jobs as well.

4. Start a Blog

start a blog

Blogging is known to be one of the top best home business tips with low startup costs. You can invest in a little money to buy your own hosting site and domain or go for a free WordPress website.  You can use your words to help you bring in revenue. It is recommended that you get a suitable niche or subject to write on. However, it can take you some time in order to build your audience. The good this is once you have them, you can easily monetize your blog in various ways. It is important that you first research on the niche subject you are interested in blogging about. The broader the subject or topic you write on, the more difficult it will be to funnel into a particular audience without having to spend lots of cash marketing or advertising your blog.

5. Brokering


It is important that you first check how good your internet is. Did you previously work at a firm and build names you can always contact at any point? If so, great! You can start a cheaper startup business. However, for one to succeed as a broker, you will have to choose a phone number and contact people to purchase service or product from a company you are working for as a broker.  One great thing about brokering is that you can always sell anything you want. You cannot be tied down brokering for a single company. You can always have a handful of much more depending on your reach and how much effort you are willing to put in your work.

6. Freelance Writing

freelance writing

The author of this article is proof that freelance writing can be a great business idea that costs low when starting off and a lucrative one. In case you enjoy writing and have lots of knowledge in a particular field, you can always offer your freelancing services to clients of businesses in the market. Provided you have a laptop or a computer, there are no other expenses you will incur. There are thousands of clients in different freelancing platforms who are in need of freelance writers. If you can write error free and unique articles then you can make some good money right from your home.

7. Online Coaching

online coaching


Are you a mentor, life coach, relationship coach or a personal trainer? If yes, you don’t have to get a fancy office in order to start your business. Online coaching can be a low-cost business idea that can see you helping people across the globe right from your home. You can FaceTime, Skype with clients or communicate with them via email. The power of the internet makes it possible for you to change other people’s lives. There are lots of people who are tied up with other jobs and can only resort to distant learning. You can make some good amount of dollars by offering online coaching services to distant learners.

8. Sell Products

sell products

It is completely different from the one mentioned above. Instead of reselling items, you will be creating items from scratch and selling them online. Using sites like Zazzle and CafePress, you can always create unique designs and have anything put on them. You can also add your work of art on stickers, glassware, apparel and anything your heart desires on such sites. The good thing about most of them is that they never cost a penny to start and the platforms can handle shipping and production for you. This will enable you to keep your costs down and make it a simple low startup cost home business.

9. Social Media Management

social media managment

Everyone is on social media today. Any business that is not active on social media might not be competitive in the market. Social media is considered to be an excellent way to engage the audience without the need of having to spend money on ads. All you have to do is build a following and put content which engages with other types of interests. However, not all firms have time to post and engage with their audience on different social media platforms. This might force them to look for someone who can help them with updating their social media platforms.

10. Logo Designer

logo desginer

Are you a logo or banner designer? In case you have a good computer and internet connection at home? Then you can easily start making some dollars right from your home by designing logos or banners from businesses and clients online. In case you have design software, you will be good to go and can invest in the tools required to edit or create images. There are lots of businesses that are in need of logos every day. You will never fail to get a business in need of having their logo updated or a new logo created.


Home business tips are great since one has the freedom of working at their best time and for multiple clients.  There are a number of home business tips you can always start right from your home thanks to the growth of internet usage. One great thing about most of the home online businesses is that the startup cost is very low and almost any person who has a computer and a good internet connection at home can venture into home online business. There are several business ideas you can start, however, we have only covered some part-time jobs from home which you will require low start-up costs but make huge returns if you are committed and exercise some professionalism.

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