Having a baby is the best gift in the world, but for some new mothers, the pressure of waiting to feel ‘like you’ again after birth can feel overwhelming. From a hair implant in Turkey to restore post-partum hair loss while relaxing in the sun, to a much-needed facial or pedicure, taking some me-time can be invaluable as a new mum. However, there are other things you can also try that will help combat the pressures associated with being a new mother before resorting to cosmetic procedures.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t make comparisons

With everything in life, it’s best to run your own race. It’s difficult not to compare yourselves to celebrities in the media, but just remember, these people often have the luxury of money to spend on personal trainers and childcare to help them after giving birth. Having a baby is the most beautiful time of your life, so try not to mar it with putting pressure on yourself to get back to your pre-baby weight too quickly.

Book in some me time

Just remember, you are not doing this alone and the chances are that you have a whole host of people happy to help look after the baby for a few hours whilst you take some essential me time. Relaxing and unwinding is so beneficial to a new mum and will enable you to reset and remember who you are. Whether it’s a trip to the shops, meeting someone for an uninterrupted coffee or even treating yourself to some pampering, a bit of me time will remind you that as well as taking care of your baby mum, it’s also beneficial to everyone for you to also take care of yourself.

Make friends with your local ‘mum’ community

Being with like-minded people that you can vocalize your stresses and thoughts to will remind you that you are not alone. NCT groups are great for socializing with like-minded adults whilst bonding with your child; whilst postnatal classes are a great way to get help and advice with any feeding or sleeping questions you may have.

If it’s right for you, explore cosmetic procedures

If your confidence has taken a serious dip since welcoming your child, and you’re feeling under pressure to get it back, you may be exploring the idea of a cosmetic procedure. However, a cosmetic procedure, such as liposuction, can be invasive and should only be considered if you are sure it is right for you. Liposuction in Turkey costs from £1,600 and should only be contemplated if you’ve tried dieting and exercise to restore your confidence first. During the procedure, body fat in certain areas is reduced with the aid of a medically and body safe vacuum.

At Longevity, we offer a range of liposuction in Turkey using a variety of professional techniques, including laser-assisted liposuction (LAL), the super-wet technique, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) and tumescent liposuction. Your highly professional surgeon will be able to advise the best technique dependant on your body and the results you are looking for.

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