We all know what a quad bike is and probably associate them with off-road courses as a leisure activity whilst on holiday, but they do have other uses aside from being fun to ride for an hour or so. Over the past few years, they have been utilized in a number of different environments and are commonly used on farms and large rural estates. You will often see them featured on TV in fiction and non-fiction programs regarding farming with both farmers and farm workers crossing all manner of terrain in order to get to their animals. They are also used by gamekeepers who sometimes need to travel to areas that are inaccessible to other vehicles. Broadly speaking, quad bikes can be used for:

  • Farm Work
  • Leisure Activities
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Short Road Trips (if road legal)
  • Estate Management

The above list is by no means exhaustive, essentially, they are used by people up and down the UK for a variety of uses. Quad bike dealers UK drivers can buy from are often very helpful and will gladly provide advice and recommendations as to the suitability of any model of quad bike for its intended purpose.


Health and Safety

Like all motorized vehicles, there are health and safety guidelines that must be adhered to. You cannot just simply jump on a quad bike and ride away into the sunset carefree. There is a certain element of skill involved in the safe operation of a quad bike and some prior training sessions are recommended. The majority of quad bike driver training programs will cover all of the essentials, including but not limited to:

  • Correct use of controls
  • Safety techniques needed for driving on slopes
  • Dealing with potential hazards in bad weather conditions
  • Help gain knowledge of the machine’s capabilities and limits

Although undertaking a training course before driving a quad on private land is not a legal prerequisite, it is important to weigh up the risks of driving effectively and safely with no prior experience. Contrary to popular belief, driving a quad bike safely is not the same as riding a motorcycle or driving a car. It requires an almost totally new skillset.

Buying a Quad Bike

You may think that buying a quad bike is as easy as buying anything else, but care needs to be taken. This is particularly pertinent when buying a second-hand quad bike, as it might not have been maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommended standards.

Buying from a recognized dealer will significantly improve your chances of getting value for money and a safe and fully checked quad bike for whatever reason you want to use it for. When you buy from a recognized dealer, you are not simply buying a quad bike. You are also buying expert advice from people who actually know what they’re talking about. They’ll be able to advise on the best model to suit your needs, maintenance requirements and might even be able to offer some training prior to sale.

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