In many homes, the hallway is a space that is purely seen to be a space used to enter and leave the home, but that shouldn’t be the case. From the moment you enter your home you’re greeted with the hallway, so you want this space to be warm and inviting. Without the right décor, you may find your hallway feels dull and forgotten about, which isn’t going to set a good first impression. These top tips have been gathered to help you refresh your hallway and create a bright, beautiful space in the heart of your home.

Colour is Key

Whether you want a unique and colourful entrance, or you’re more invested in a bright but monotone design, having colour in the hallway is key. The moment you add colour to a room you are creating an aesthetic, which helps to bring that warm and welcoming feel. There are lots of ways in which you can bring colour to the hallway and the most popular choice is through the walls. From bright paints to stylish wallpaper, you can create a visually appealing entrance that sets the tone for the rest of your home. Take a look online at a selection of paint colours here or browse through some wallpaper designs like these to gain some inspiration on how to bring colour to your hallway.


Unique Touches

One of the best ways to refresh your hallway and bring a beautiful feel to space is to work with unique touches that will really bring the wow factor. Online retailer Buster & Punch found that creating stylish yet unique pieces for the home helps homeowners express their personal style, taking risks with their décor and seeing it pay off magnificently. By adding a stylish lighting fixture, some unique switches or even a bold mirror to space, you can transform the overall aesthetic and bring a really unique, personal touch. This will really help to brighten the space and create the perfect welcoming feel.

Use the Stairs

The staircase can often be a space that people avoid, especially if there’s room to work with underneath, but they can actually be a really useful feature to utilise. Under the stairs is an ideal space for storage, or perhaps a stylish chair to add comfort to your hallway. Similarly, when styling the main body of the staircase you can look at introducing artwork along the wall alongside, to really bring character to the hall and highlight your family life, or personality dependant on the type of art or photographs you choose to display. With a bright staircase runner carpet, complemented by some subtle artwork you can transform your whole hallway space and create the perfect entrance for your home.

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