With the best analysts and development team by your side, and after carefully testing every functionality, you have launched your eCommerce website. However, it is still not giving you the result you wished for. So, where did you lack? Launching an error-free and top-quality Shopify website with high-grade products is a great accomplishment, but without a marketing strategy to capture the market, the sales may fall flat.

Shopify eCommerce development companies use many different approaches to acquire new customers and generate more sales from existing customers.

Here are the top proven ways to increase sales on your Shopify website:

1. Create Call to Actions

Call to Actions

Call to Actions is nothing but a small button that redirects users to the sales page. Having a CTA on your website is a quick way to increase sales on your Shopify website. Add short text like ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Click here for more details’ with a call to action button and place it on essential pages of the website like Home, sidebar, footer, blog, and navigation menu. CTAs increase organic traffic and encourages users to buy a product. CTAs are essential if you want to convert your visitors into leads and prospective customers.


2. Integrate Instagram

Instagram has become the most used social networking app. With the integration of new sales tools, it has become even easier to capture users’ attention and convert them into leads. Youngsters mostly use it, and if these are your target demographics, it is a great way to engage them through Instagram. Make your posts shoppable, take incredible pictures, use the trending and right hashtags, and make posts according to the seasons and festivals to attract the user to follow you. You can start an online contest or capture the product’s development process to attract followers but before that, let your followers know that your Instagram page is shoppable. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to generate brand awareness and maximize sales using Instagram.

3. Reduce Abandoned Carts

ecommerce website

Cart abandonment means that a customer is leaving the site without making a purchase. While cart abandonment for severe reasons like emergency calls is unavoidable, it thwarts the overall shopping and stops a customer from purchasing. One way to deal with this is to remind the user about the cart and complete the process with free shipping or discounted rates. Others can be:

  • Offering discounts for first-time users
  • Making the checkout process easy and simple
  • Connecting with the customers with abandoned carts over chat or mail
  • Adding different payment processes to simplify the payment
  • Offering giveaways
  • Starting an email campaign to convince your visitors to return to your carts

4. Attract Customers with Content Marketing

Content marketing is similar to the product description, which is written persuasively with added keywords to drive sales on your website. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that boosts sales and takes it another level if shared on channels like on a blog, social media, or via email campaigns.

Please find the most used keywords in your region that are searched by the target audience and add them to the content of your website’s pages. Keep the content simple and easy to understand by the visitors.

5. Launch a Facebook store

Facebook store

Facebook has changed over the years and has come up with new features and functionalities for business owners to advertise and sell. Facebook is an excellent platform for eCommerce marketing, and it is straightforward to integrate your Shopify store with the Facebook store without creating a separate inventory. All you need to do is to add the Facebook channel to your Shopify admin to get started.


We have briefly discussed a few of the essential strategies listed by Shopify eCommerce development agencies to upscale your sales. It is not just about having the best online store; you should have a good marketing strategy that generates your business profits. Know your customers and learn how to target them through the different sales channels. Remember the more traffic you have on your site, the more sales you will make.

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