Possibly, you have been working with the same application for several years, which works well for both drawing, retouching, or editing images. However, there is nothing wrong with knowing a little more about all the software that the digital sector offers us. Many hide special, extraordinary functions and are even easier to use.

If you wonder which are the best applications to draw on a tablet, continue reading this article in which we will explain how much does paint tool SAI cost? the most used programs, with the greatest popularity and demand today.

Comic Studio:

Highly recommended, since it is one of the best programs to create comics and manga style designs. It is a software that works with layers and simulates the pencil so that we can make the sketch. With this app, we will create kinetic or dynamic lines, different effects, and text bubbles. We can also include models of buildings, objects, or 3D figures. Its price is $49.99.



It’s perfect for brainstorming and quick sketching. . It contains a few options, so it will allow us to focus on our creative experience, without being distracted by extra functions. Its price is $49.99.

Adobe Illustrator :

Available for all smartphones android or  IOS. When working, it will allow us to create vector illustrations through layers of drawings or images, since it contains several tools with which we will have the freedom to draw and design what we want. It has useful functions such as the x64 zoom magnification, with which we will observe the most minute details and basic shape templates. Its price is $149.99.

Affinity Photoshop:

It is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop. With this program, we can edit, save, and open Photoshop PSD files. We will have RGB, CMYK, LAB, and grayscale color spaces, so the CMYK finishing workflow will be through ICC color management. It has a complete edition of 16 and 32-bit channels and the possibility of carrying out the work with standard formats such as TIFF, PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, EPS, HDR, EXR, and PDF. Besides, we can carry out scrolling and zoom in real-time at 60fps, with previews, tools, and editing. Its price is $49.99.


It is a digital painting, illustration, and drawing application that combines different tools with which we will create paintings, illustrations, or sketches, through the use of a layering system and 128 brushes. Also, it will allow us to mix colors, generate straight lines, or print our creations in a large size. Its price is $89.99.

Photoshop for tablet

This is the most popular, most used, and best-known program. It was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated for both Mac and Windows and works with a bitmap. Mainly, it is used for retouching or editing photos, as well as a digital painting canvas, so it is a suitable program when editing our images.

Another feature that makes many choose Photoshop is that it has a wide and extensive variety of textures, brushes, filters, layer styles, and color modifiers.

We can also work with Adobe Photoshop Touch on our tablet because it is suitable for tasks related to graphic design and digital photography. It does not have the same features and functions of computer software, although it offers us complete features and impressive illustrations. We will be able to use filters, layers, and selection tools. In addition, it has functions designed for the best tablets, such as filling in different areas of the image with photographs taken exclusively with the tablet camera.


Professional programs

Easy Paint Tool SAI:

This program is commonly known as SAI. Among the benefits it offers is its ease of use, as well as its speed and simple interface. It is mainly based on painting and drawing, so it allows us to mix colors in real-time. Each of the brushes can also be customized to add textures, size, density, and shape to flat, round, or bristle. Another of the functions that it allows to execute to achieve a tempera, watercolor, or any traditional effect technique is to add textures to the paintings. This software has a line stabilizer with which you can capture lines in a single stroke that are perfect, without any shaky movement that the hand may cause. This feature makes it a suitable program for drawing. If you’re wondering how much does paint tool SAI cost? Its price is $69.99.

Corel Painter:

It is a program focused on digital painting. The works done with Painter will be perfectly similar to watercolors or acrylic paints executed on a canvas. Paintings can be mixed in real-time. In addition, you can create layers with a liquid or watercolor ink base to create greater realism. It is a program that requires a lot of resources, the most convenient thing is to use it on a powerful computer to work correctly. Its price is $49.99.

Adobe Illustrator:

It is one of the most different and difficult software to use, yet it provides amazing results. It was created to make vector graphics such as icons or logos, as well as it can be used to get interesting illustrations. The stylus in Illustrator is more intuitive than with other applications and its gradients are more manipulable. Its price is $159.

Clip Studio Paint:

Renowned for being one of the most popular shows among manga and comic lovers. It has a tool to create dialogues, custom vignettes, perspective rulers or to draw lines of effects that express moods or speed. With this software, we can also make different traditional comic plots or motifs. It has a function to make symmetries. An example is that when drawing in some area of the canvas, the drawing is automatically generated elsewhere as if it were a mirror. It has a library of poses of a 3D figure, which will allow us to modify the appearance of our characters. Its price is $49.99.


It is very similar to the Corel Painter program. It is used to make digital paintings as if it were a real canvas. Among the most prominent features is real-time paint mixing. With this software, you can get the effects of watercolors, oils, acrylic, or ink. You can customize the brushes since the interface is very intuitive. It also has the symmetry function and allows you to add reference photos, which are observed while painting. Its price is $79.99.

Sketchbook Pro:

It has a library that includes more than 100 programmable brushes such as blurs, airbrushes, pencils or brushes, which makes it the ideal program for making sketches, drawings, and illustrations of all kinds. Its interface is simple and perfect for sketching. Animations can also be created with the help of a flipbook. Its price is $89.99.

Autodesk SketchBook Express:

It has a large number of tools for drawing and allows you to work on several points on the screen at the same time since it is an ideal application for multi-touch devices. Changes that are made can be repeated or undone. When finished with the drawing, it can be saved in the gallery or shared.


It is a tool for making diagrams, sketches, illustrations, drawings, or taking notes. It is very simple and easy to use, making it suitable for any type of user, as it does not contain complicated settings or controls. It has five basic functions which are: writing, sketching, drawing, coloring, and outlining. After finishing the creation you can send it to social networks.

Bamboo Paper:

The main function it offers is taking notes. It also has an extensive range of tools with which you can draw, such as pencils and watercolor brushes.

Tips for drawing on your tablet

If you are starting out in the digital world and you don’t know very well what to do to start drawing, follow these recommendations:

1. The first thing you should do when buying the tablet is to equip it with all the accessories that will help you feel comfortable, as well as avoid possible damage. The most important is the screen protector, the carrying case, or the extra tips.

2. These programs are required by the device to “communicate” with the signals emitted by the pen through the digitizer.

3.It is also important to configure the shortcut or quick access buttons. Almost all devices include four configurable keys with the functions of copy, paste, redo, undo, and more.

4. The next step will be to install each of the programs that will help you draw. There is much software, so you must know exactly the functions before downloading, and thus know if it meets your needs.

5.Another relevant point is to learn how to configure the resolutions of the surface and the paper to avoid any problem with the use of editing software or with the weight of the files. You must know the size of the paper or canvas where you will draw.

6.After completing all the configuration, you can play with the sensitivity of our stylus and make several lines, while pressing on the surface.

By mastering the use of the stylus, as well as detailing the strokes of each of the lines, you will be ready to start drawing.

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