The IT landscape is ever-evolving. You saw the DevOps application surge and become a trend in the past few months.

But, as of today, there is a new application doing the rounds. A better version of DevOps is the DevSecOps. It stands for Development, Security, and Operations. The word added here is ‘Security.’ You already know the importance of security for all organizations. Enterprises must hold their employees accountable for the security decisions along with the development and operations decisions. DevSecOps entails thinking of and automating security from the very beginning of any software project.

Development, Security, and Operations refer to the future of all software development applications. Need more reasons to rely on DevSecOps in 2021? Read to delve deep!

1. Security Is An Essential Part Of App Life Cycle

Before this application was introduced, the security of software development was considered an afterthought. Alternatively, when security issues cropped up, it was catered to at the end of the project. Of course, in both cases, developers faced multiple issues. With the idea of Development, Security, and Operations, security has become a prime focus and an integral part of operations, applications, and development.

2. Retains DevOps Scale, Speed, And Accuracy

DevSecOps is a mere extension of DevOps. It adds the security component into the development and operations mix without taking away the scale, speed, or accuracy of DevOps. In fact, by adding automated security controls from the beginning of the development project cycle, you are confirming quicker delivery of your applications.

3. Saves Time And Effort

Integrating security at the beginning of the software cycle naturally helps save cost and effort. It also saves time as getting back to figuring out issues is a cumbersome and tedious process.

4. Fosters Complete Automation

There is no place for human error and no time for manual work in this fast-paced, competitive software development world. Thus, the need of the hour is DevSecOps as it promotes automation in software development and security. It enables streamlined processes to be implemented in the organization with newer tools and technologies.


5. Robust Security And Compliance

Data security and safety are some of the major issues faced in the case of a shared cloud platform. There is constant integration with security decisions and code in place at every phase of the software project. Due to this, the cost of compliance is lowered, and the risk of any potential attacks or threats is reduced considerably.

6. Transforming And Aligning The Mindset To Security

The underlying reason for the introduction of DevSecOps is to ensure that developers naturally embed security automation in all the projects. They should acquaint themselves with potential threats to the apps and take care of such risks in advance. Right from planning to organizing and implementation, security should be a key factor.

7. Builds A Culture Of Transparency And Openness

Teams, as well as employees, can better collaborate and work in a well-planned manner with DevSecOps. They must discuss security decisions and take care of all automation.

8. Continuous Betterment

DevSecOps steers the organization to monitor its software strengths and weaknesses. Using such metrics, the organization’s people can work towards increasing their speed and improving their software delivery efficiency.

9. It Can Give You The Competitive Edge In 2021

What is the differentiator between you and your competitor? If you embrace the latest technological revolution better and faster in 2021, your business will scale ahead. Introducing DevSecOps in your organization can be that distinct competitive edge you are looking for in 2021 and beyond. It will also help your employees upskill themselves faster than others.

Now that you know everything about DevSecOps and how it is the future of all software applications, you must consider embedding it in your business functions as soon as possible.

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