If you are here now, you are probably searching for a way to develop a software product. And maybe you don’t know whether to choose an IT outsourcing company or an in-house software development team.

Let me tell you what I know for sure. You want to develop your product fast, at low costs and to keep the quality of your product high. Do you know how to do that? To get all these three requirements in line, you need to find the best team to do it. In the following, I will guide you on how to choose the right solution for getting the best software development for your product.

Outsourcing and Insourcing. A short comparison


Money matter. Even if your company is at the beginning or is already on the market for some time.  Around the world, there are many companies that offer outsourcing services at different price ranges. All you must do is pick the one you consider capable of developing the project within your budget.

If you decide to outsource, you must know that all the costs related to training, and buying additional hardware equipment or software will not be your responsibility. The IT outsourcing company already has trained employees and all the necessary equipment.

On the other hand, if you want your own software development team, all the costs related to hiring, equipment, training, or monthly salaries will be your responsibility.

Regarding the company, you choose to work with, keep in mind that depending on the area, prices are not the same. For example, in the Northern part of Europe, the hourly rate is between 50$ and 175$/hour, in Central and Western Europe the rates are between 68$ and 99$/hour in contrast with Eastern Europe where the prices are lower, between 35$ to 75$/hour.

Talented specialists

By entering the world of IT outsourcing, you suddenly have access to an enormous pool of talented specialists. Outsourcing is a way of getting fresh and innovative ideas for your project. Working with people from all over the world your product gains uniqueness.

Outsourcing companies have a wide range of experienced specialists and because the competition is very high in this area, the companies are always improving the skill and performance of the developers and testers.

In in-house software development, you invest in hiring a team, training it, and constantly developing its skills. If you are not willing to do this, your team with stay at some level and the image of the company might suffer in time. Of course, once you managed to train enough employees for them to train the newcomers, it is a win but unfortunately, there is always the risk of losing the employees.

Fast delivery and scalability

An outsourced team will give its best to deliver fast but the best possible product. Working in a company that is constantly asked to take on new projects, the outsourced team you hired will work only for you within the time you specified, unlike an in-house software development team that doesn’t feel the pressure of delivering fast. It is their only project.

As for scalability, this gives you the opportunity of making the team bigger if needed or smaller if there are no tasks for them to tackle. The outsourcing software development companies in USA or other locations will handle those left on the bench. Of course, this measure is not possible with an in-house team, only if you want to fire your employees and this doesn’t create a very good image for a company.

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Tips to choose the best IT outsourcing company

  1. Hourly rates – as we said, there are differences between areas but choose wisely. Not all high rate companies will provide the best services. But not all low-cost companies have bad services.
  2. Check previous projects – before you decide to work with one company, you should study its work, the released projects, and its reputation
  3. Sign an NDA agreement to protect your data
  4. Be involved in your project –choose the companies which allow you to be involved, supervise and monitor the work of your dedicated team

AROBS Transilvania Software, your trusted outsourcing partner

In the international software services market, Romania is known for its highly specialized, well-educated software specialists. It is also known that Eastern Europe offers extremely competitive prices for every kind of software project.

AROBS Transilvania Software is a software development company that started in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We have over 1000 highly qualified software specialists working in our 7 offices in Romania (Cluj-Napoca, Baia-Mare, Iasi, Suceava, Tg. Mures, Bucharest, and Arad) and in our 7 international branches (Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Germany, Indonesia, Serbia, The Netherlands, and Belgium).

We provide knowledge in Automotive, Travel&Hospitality, Life Sciences&IoT, and Enterprise Solutions.

Our specialists are all fluent in English (the communication is easy and comfortable), they participate in conferences and workshops to expand their knowledge and can work with clients from different time zones.

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