The pandemic has made life difficult for everyone. New research indicates the average American started to experience cabin fever after two months in lockdown. In response, many people have taken up new hobbies for self-improvement and to pass the time.

Let’s take a look at five things you can pursue on your own without any formal training or guidance.

1.   Take Up Photography

Take Up Photography

Photography is a hobby that’s available to everyone. Even if you only have a smartphone, you can begin shooting photos and improving your skills. Nothing passes the time like trying to find that winning shot.

There are so many areas of photography you can specialize in, including nature photography, landscape photography, and portrait photography.

2.   Go Hiking

Go Hiking

Nothing clears the mind like dusting off those hiking boots and heading out into the wilderness. There are other benefits to hiking, too, beyond getting fit and healthy.

Studies have shown that those who immerse themselves in hiking perform 50% better in creative problem solving than those who don’t.

Most of us have access to hiking routes just a short walk or drive away.

3.   Try becoming an Inventor

Try becoming an Inventor

Who hasn’t looked at a problem and thought, “I can do better than that.”

Try to make those dreams become a reality by putting your thinking cap on. Many inventions do not require formal training and can simply be ‘lightbulb’ moments.

Think about what you know and specialize in it. Look at the most common problems experienced by people. How could you solve those problems?

There are also plenty of online resources to motivate you, such as Davison Inventions.

4.   Learn How to Garden

Learn How to Garden

Gardening is often seen as something older people do. Not so much anymore. Young people are increasingly turning to the garden as hobbies to manage their mental health and improve the environment.

One of the big trends in gardening is people are acting to improve the wildlife in their area. Approximately 64.1 million Americans bought a plant exclusively to benefit their local wildlife in the last three years.

Whether gardening to turn your outdoor space into a riot of color or to grow your own food, gardening is a fantastic new hobby to acquire.

5.   Indulge in DIY Crafts

DIY Crafts

DIY crafts can refer to anything from gluing sequins to a piece of fabric to painting your own action figures. This is a vast field and allows you to express yourself creatively.

Depending on your artistic ability, you’ll find DIY crafts to suit you. These days you don’t need to hunt down specialized art supply stores. Full crafting kits (with instructions) can be bought online.


Acquiring a new hobby is not just a great way to pass the time. Hobbies have the capacity to improve our health and to change the way we approach the problems we encounter throughout our daily lives. And you don’t always need to invest a lot of money to acquire those benefits.

Learn something new this year by picking up a new hobby.

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