The purchase of your first dirt bike was probably one of the harder things you had to do. Maybe you did your research by poring through more than a dozen reading materials. You compared and contrasted specs and prices. Whether you bought a new or second-hand bike does not matter to you. Your task at hand now lies at the mercy of how fast you decide on what bike accessories you currently need. You probably did not consider getting some since you were more concerned about getting the dirt bike of your dreams. Now that you have one, it would be an excellent time to have a look at some of the important fittings for your motorbike.

The most crucial bike accessories are usually those that will keep your motorbike safe and sound for a long time. Here are five paraphernalia that is essential for every dirt bike owner:

Tool Kit

Accidents sometimes happen. Having a portable tool kit with you makes it easier for you to open and assess any damage to your bike quickly. It can also lend you a hand for quick fixes such as loose screws or panels. Bike accessories like a waterproof and sturdy pouch keep all your tools in place during travel.

Bike Cleaner and Degreaser

Cleaning a dirt bike is like washing a car. You do not get a hose and regular laundry detergent soap to get things done. There is a proper way to get the grime off your bike. Specially formulated degreasers and cleaners remove grease, oil, scum, and mud. Some cleaners add salt as an ingredient to make it look thick but are abrasive to metal and plastic surfaces. Choose a cleaning agent without salt for a longer-lasting bike. Spray-on and hose-off cleaners are also available if you are in a hurry to get your bike cleaned.

Dirt Bike Accessories

Exhaust Plug

An exhaust plug is inexpensive, but it will save you a fortune. It prevents rust and corrosion and is something that you should always have. This simple plug stops water from entering places where it should not, specifically your engine (via the exhaust chamber of the bike) because rust can destroy the main bearings and the crank. So never wash your motorbike without it. The 2-stroke and 4-stroke plugs are of different sizes, so make sure to select the right one for your bike.

Bike Stand

You do car maintenance regularly at a shop. But your dirt bike will always need an extra hand of TLC from you. Since you mostly do the upkeep of it yourself, you will need a stand that is strong enough as bike support while you are working on it. You will need a steady bike-stand such as a steel matte black lift stand for raising both wheels off the ground with an easy-access foot lever. Or you can opt for a natural, foldable stand for quick safekeeping after use.

Bike Security 

The world is full of surprising people. Some of those may be undesirables who want nothing more than to separate you from your bike and claim it for their own. It would be best if you have a security lock alarm. If anyone dares tamper with your bike, you and anyone within range will be sure to hear it. There are also helmet-to-bike locks available, so you do not have to bring your helmet anywhere with you.

Having a new dirt bike is like owning a new toy. There are limitless possibilities in accessorizing it. But if budget is an issue, make sure that you buy the essential ones first. You will always find the means to add more when the time is right.

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