Summer camp is a time filled with wonder, exploration, and pushing oneself to new limits.  Children develop lasting memories, friendships, and their self-esteem and independence skyrockets in unimaginable ways once they start overcoming these new challenges.  Articles are full of concerns about technology overuse and the increase of “nature-deficit disorder” as characteristics of modern childhood, but rest assured an immersive summer camp experience will leave children more connected to the world around them and problem-solving creatively sans any wi-fi connection.  While there are the typical summer camp activities of old – think s’ mores and songs around the campfire – we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 activities you must try at summer camp below to help expand your horizons when looking forward to summer adventures.

Our top 10 activities you must try at summer camp:


1. Archery

These are the days of aiming at the same hay bale target over and over again, painfully snapping against your inner arm with each shot, now there is a multitude of balls and other assorted objects hovering via creative means (typically air jets) to aim for with padded arrows. Camps have also become creative with giant archery tag games using padded projectiles (think giant marshmallow on a stick) and inflatable obstacle courses. Laser tag has nothing on this combined athletic, strategic, and precision sport!

2. Organized games

I think giant multicolored Jenga blocks, person-sized connect four, gargantuan chess pieces on a grassy field, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, etc.  No more waiting around to see who will be picked last for dodgeball, everyone can get involved in a variety of both athletic and/or mentally calculating challenges, designed to be completed with teams (or at the very lease partners) to help build friendships and boost confidence.

3. Adventure biking

Many camps have built their own BMX tracks to encourage that combination of athleticism and show, but at a minimum, there will be amazing mountain biking trails just waiting to be explored.  Breathe in the fresh air, nail a landing while you jump a ramp or rock, and edge on your fellow campers as you increase your skills.

4. Zip Line

It continues the outdoor fun in a track among the trees with this thrilling activity.  Make your way across various platforms, slow yourself through the course and learn from instructors how to navigate the various pulls.  Soar above the ground below!  If you’re not quite ready, practice walking across a slackline and enhancing your balance between the trees, or engage in some good old-fashioned tree climbing to take in new sights.

5. Water sports

Many summer camps are situated with a lake, large pond, riverbank, or pool nearby so that campers can cool off in the refreshing H2O.  Take advantage of opportunities such as canoeing, whitewater rafting, boating and/or sailing to name a few. These are guaranteed to increase communication with peers as you learn to navigate waterways.  You can also enjoy a slower pace by jumping off stationary objects (think cannonballs off anchored inflatables or the end of a dock), chilling in some tubes, or immersing yourself in nature listening to the air filling your lungs as you float.

6. Friendship bracelets

This camp staple is pretty much a requirement for any camp experience.  Cheesy as it may sound, engage the creative side of your brain and get whimsical with beads, colored thread, grains of rice, whatever strikes your fancy.  Then, of course, share them with your new and returning friends! You have a tried-and-true recipe for fun as well as a tangible reminder of your time with camp friends.

7. Stage

act your heart out!  Many camps have developed enhanced programming to encourage drama, skits, dance, storytelling, podcasts, and even vlogs depending on camper interest (as well as technology policies).

8. Horseback riding and animal care

A time-honored classic that is simply too good to keep in the pasture.  Horses have traditionally been used in therapeutic settings due to their ability to help calm even the most anxious of children and remarkable impact on trust-building.  Horses can help campers learn to connect with other living beings, develop new skills by learning to ride (and trot or even gallop), and responsibility by caring for the animals upon their return to stables.  You won’t soon forget your experience riding on such an amazing, gentle creature – and your hair may even blow in the wind!

9. Scenic nature hike

It take advantage of the wonderful vistas camps are situated within and push yourself to (literally) new heights!

10. Creative free play

Some of the best time at summer camp will inevitably be unstructured free time during which youth are able to set their minds free and come up with their own activities, along with their peers and counselors.  Some memorable options include testing out cardboard boats, silly flashlight tales with friends, building shelters, making up camp song and dance – the options are endless without the distractions of social media and technology!  And no, you won’t be bored!

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