Have you ever stepped into a home and felt that it was too stiff and formal? It didn’t have that cozy warmth we all long for after a long day of work. If your home feels more like a hotel room than a place that’s entirely your own, it’s time to personalize your space.

Your home should be your sanctuary. It’s where you find peace after a long day, and it makes you feel happy. That means your home needs to be given some personality of its own so it stands out with a design of its own. Here are 5 tips to personalize your home without the stress.

1. Add Cozy Corner Lounge Suite NZ Furniture

If you’re using inexpensive, disposable furniture, you might have noticed that cheap price tag comes with some negatives. Namely, the furniture isn’t very comfortable. While you shouldn’t blow your whole budget, spending a bit to make sure your home is cozy and comfortable will go a long way.

NZ Furniture

A corner lounge suite NZ will work wonders for adding more coziness to your home. Not only are these plush, large, and comfortable, but they’re built to last. Your home deserves a nice oasis away from it all.

2. Use Picture Frames

You can tell when someone hasn’t added much personality to their space by their picture frames. Do they have stock photos, artwork, and other photography that doesn’t reflect their life? While you don’t have to post family portraits everywhere, consider how your pictures say something about you.

Decorating your home with different snapshots from your life adds more personality while also reminding you of your favorite things. From photos of your dog to your favorite vacation destinations, it’s the small things that add up.

3. Decorate with Accent Pillows

Is there anything more fun than an accent pillow? These little pillows are an opportunity to say something with your space. You can use them on dining chairs, in the living room, or even your own bedroom. Keep it classic with some solid colors or shake things up with fun textures.

Accent Pillows

When in doubt, use pillows with natural fibers that will be comfortable not only to look at but actually to use. Not sure where to start? Go crazy with this accent pillow inspiration. Bonus: these accent pillows will look superb on your corner lounge suite NZ.

4. Utilize Your Bookshelves

A bookshelf is a glimpse at your own personal library. What you’re reading will share a bit about who you are, what you’re interested in, and your favorite things. What better way to dress up a space than with your favorite books?

Don’t be afraid to build your own library or hang books up on shelves throughout your home. Books have something special that makes your space feel warm and inviting. It’s their own brand of magic.

5. Add Some Greenery

Finally, don’t be afraid to add some greenery to your home. Plants and other living things will literally bring life into your home. While some people are worried about maintaining indoor plants, they’re easier than you think. Choose a low-maintenance indoor plant to start building your collection.

From there, expand. Don’t turn your home into a jungle, but don’t shy away from unexpected greenery. Snack plants, succulents, and even freshly cut flowers look gorgeous when they’re in your space.

Final Thoughts

Examine your home right now. Does it have the right amount of personality? Without personality, your home design will fall flat. No matter what you’re interested in, finding a way to show it off will make your home feel like a more welcoming place.

From bookshelves to houseplants, there are so many ways to say something with your interior design. Don’t settle for a boring home. Make your space something you’re proud of.

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