No way has it mattered if you are posing indoors or outdoors for pregnancy photos. The onus is on a pregnant photo gallery to derive outstanding photos which you can cherish for the rest of your life. Posing is an important quality between an average and a great photo.  A list of tips helping you to achieve a great maternity photoshoot are specified below

Mom alone

Mom alone

In case if you are photographing the couple, do not forget to capture the picture of the mother alone. Having a solid photo of her bump provides a meaningful session of photography. Ask her to pose in flattering ways as this can add to the length and intensity of the photographs. Try to focus on the bump at a 45-degree angle as this would be important if the bump is small.

Ask her to rub the belly and then talk to the baby. Though this might sound a bit awkward she is going to have a smile on her face. You can ask her to bend one leg and ask her to relax and in the process shift the weight. Just remember that the belly is the focus of the entire maternity photoshoot.

During the course of the session ask her to keep the hands moving where she is looking.

Your partner with the belly

In a pregnancy delivery photo gallery this is a click you can hardly afford to ignore. Meaning that the belly appears to be the focal point does not mean that the dad cannot have fun in front of the camera. A dad can kneel down close to the belly when their hands are on both sides. Just ask him to talk to the belly and enjoy the closeness.

Another option would be to allow the dad to stand at the back and place their hands on the belly. You need to be close so that you can get in the hands. A photo mid-length has to be created and the focus has to be on the dad and not the mother.

Ask him to look down at the camera and then on to the belly. If the dad requests for a special pose the ask him to do it. Just make him feel a part of the maternity photo session as this is going to produce intimate photos for the clients.

Accessories and props


The essence of a maternity photography session is to cash in on the excitement of a parent in order to catch up with their baby soon. For parents who are aware of the gender of the baby and even have gone on to include names might go on to include them as part of the session.

Whatever you need to bring along to the maternity photoshoot, make it a point that you end up posing for them and focus on the accessory and the prop.

For example, if they bring in different shoe capture photos with the various shoes. Take one of the closes up shoots.

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