While it’s difficult to predict which moments will go viral this year, we’re confident that TikTok will be the first platform to feature them. The app’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down, which means there are plenty of opportunities for monetization.

The TikTok Creator Fund is one of the most impressive initiatives launched in recent years. With an initial investment of $200 million USD and a promise to reach $1 billion in the next three years, the fund is sure to make a big impact on the social media landscape.

The TikTok Creator Fund is a large pot of money set aside by the app to be given to content creators who produce engaging and original content. But how does it work and how can you make money from it?

In this post, we will discuss everything in detail!

What is the TikTok Creator Fund?

The TikTok Creator Fund is an initiative to reward users who have attracted sizable engaged audiences on the platform with self-produced content. The fund encourages the best and brightest talent on TikTok to continue producing and sharing videos with their followers. By doing this, we hope to not only encourage users to keep creating great content but also to help them build a sustainable career on the platform.

The TikTok Creator Fund isn’t an ad revenue-sharing program like YouTube’s AdSense, nor is it a form of arts grant. It’s simply a way for TikTok to share income with creators who are doing exceptionally well on the platform.

This means that content creators are rewarded for staying true to their personal brand and their followers. The fund encourages content creators by embracing the TikTok ethos of authenticity, ingenuity, and passion.

How does the TikTok Creator Fund work?

If you want to join the Creator Fund on TikTok, here’s what you need to know.

To be eligible for the Creator Fund, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a TikTok account in good standing.
  • To be eligible to participate in our program, you must be a legal resident of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, or Spain.
  • They are in good standing with TikTok’s user terms and community guidelines.
  • Their account must have at least 10,000 organic, real followers.
  • Their videos have received 100,000 or more views in the 30 days prior to applying.
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements as determined by TikTok from time to time.

If you meet the above criteria, you can apply to be a part of the Creator Fund by filling out this form.

Additionally, in order to receive compensation, applicants must be able to link their account to a digital payment plan that is registered in their name.

How much does the TikTok Creator Fund pay?

While TikTok does not explicitly state what the ‘Creator Fund’ is, it is clear that it is not a revenue-sharing program. Their words describe the performance as being “dynamic” and based on a “variety of factors” that are subject to change. This means that creators will not be guaranteed a set amount of money from the fund and that their earnings may fluctuate over time.

There are several factors that TikTok says impact how much a creator gets paid for a video, such as:

  • A number of views.
  • The authenticity of views.
  • Content engagement rate.

The average TikTok user can expect to earn $20-$40 for every 1,000 views they receive. This means that if you have a video with 1 million views, you could earn anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000!

The funds for each month are calculated within 30 days of the previous month’s reporting period. This is when TikTok will compensate creators for views and engagement during that time. The minimum payment threshold to trigger a transfer from your account to your digital wallet has been lowered from $50 to $10.

Is it worth it to join the TikTok Creator Fund?

There’s been a lot of debate lately over the TikTok Creator Fund. Some people have valid concerns while others see the potential benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the fund:



Getting paid is always awesome, and TikTok understands that. They offer payouts as an incentive to keep users uploading videos, and even though the amounts may be small, it’s still money! And let’s be honest, we all know that money is a great motivator.

Unlimited Money

One of the great things about the Creator Fund is that TikTok doesn’t limit how much money one user can make. So, if you become a master of the platform and get millions of views, you could start earning some good money.

The fund is flexible

And won’t tie you down with a contract, so you can keep partnering with others. It’s just another source of revenue.


Payments aren’t always great for creators, but they can earn more through the Marketplace or independent brand partnerships. Income is inconsistent. 

While it’s doubtful that any creators are solely relying on the Fund to make a living, the fact that TikTok’s compensation structure is so vague makes it hard for creators to predict how much they could earn.


Some users have claimed that their views have been cut since they signed up for the Creator Fund, but TikTok has denied this theory. According to TikTok, participation in the fund has no bearing on the algorithm. While this may be true, it’s still possible that other factors are at play that the company has yet to disclose.


TikTok is very secretive about its payout calculations. The 2-4 cents rule is based on hearsay from users, and there is very little other information available about the Fund. In fact, the user agreement states that reporting metrics and other private information about the fund are meant to be kept confidential. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for users to know how much they will be paid for their content, or what factors TikTok takes into account when making payout decisions.


The Creator Fund has the potential to be very rewarding, but only if you’re able to produce a large volume of high-quality content. For some people, that might make TikTok feel more like a job than a fun hobby.

So is the TikTok Creator Fund right for you? It all comes down to personal preference. With what we know, you’re not going to be able to buy a TikTok hype house with the money you make from the program. However, it is a low-risk way to generate more passive income from your content.

If you think you have what it takes, then go for it! There’s no harm in trying, and you can always back out if it’s not for you.

Think of influencer marketing as another tool in your toolbox that you can pair with other monetization options. For example, you can do sponsored posts on TikTok or sell merchandise, work with brands, or use crowdfunding. By using a variety of strategies, you can maximize your earnings potential.

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