Celebrity endorsement has always been a popular way for big brands to promote their products, but these would often be multi-million-dollar deals. This infographic from One Production takes you through the rise of the micro influencer which has the changed the way it’s all done. Interestingly, even though companies are spending millions to have A-list celebs, only 3% say they’re influenced by a celebrity endorsement.

What is far more influential and cost-effective are micro influencers, who have a smaller but loyal following. They are generally seen as more trustworthy by their followers. With Instagram, you are 10 times more likely to get a like or comment if you use micro influencers. Macro influencers can have a very passive following so even though more people will have seen the product, fewer products will be sold.

For most businesses, paying for a macro influencer would not be possible so employing the services of a micro influencer is the best approach. 94% of marketers find influencer marketing effective so why not give it a try? Find out more in the infographic.


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