There are so many career choices in the UK but it’s about what best suits your lifestyle, experiences, and education. This article will take you through some great ideas for a new career, whether you want to work from home due to other priorities or use your life experiences to find your passion.

Travel Agent

With so many people having the need to travel at different ages, it’s something most people could end up loving! passing on your experiences of different counties onto people who want to see new places for the first time. Being able to recommend places in different countries would be amazing whilst enticing someone to stay somewhere you have in mind. A great thing about this career choice is that it can be done from home or if you prefer to work in an agency they’ll be glad to have you. If you were traveling or just visited a lot of countries in your time you’ll be able to do this job with a great level of confidence.


A lot of people find themselves leaving education unsure of what to do with their knowledge. Teaching is one of the most satisfying careers, helping young minds develop and grow. Teaching also offers convenient working hours and holidays and you can manage your own workload during your time off. Teaching is a career you can do with a great attitude because you’ve already experienced it and can offer you knowledge in the best way possible. Another thing to consider is that teaching/ tutoring can be offering your own home if Required, it’s defiantly worth considering if you have the knowledge to share.


We all get taught a second language in high school, but how can we use it? Being a translator is one of the fastest growing occupations and is likely to increase by around 29 percent by 2024. It’s a well-paying career path and if you are fluent in another language (or willing to learn) you can be working all around the world or simply interpreting audio files and document from your own home.


Another great way to work from home and feel good about it is becoming a foster carer. A lot of people think to become a foster carer is difficult but most people can do it. It’s a rewarding career that offers happiness to children of all different ages. Foster carers don’t have to be a status either agencies will not discriminate against you due to marital status, sexual orientation or gender. So, if you feel like this could suit your lifestyle the best thing to do is enquire.


This is usually a hidden talent for most people, being creative with words is desirable to a lot of companies and is a career that can be done from home or the office. Some companies won’t even require the creative aspect just editing or proofreading can even be a career opportunity. Not only will this help your career prospects but if you’ve always wanted to write a novel of any sort this will help build your skills daily.

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