If the thought of living through another cold winter fills you with dread, you should consider moving to California, the ever-sunny state. If you are considering moving to California, you should know the following about the state:

Its Higher Education is Top Notch

If you want to advance your education or have kids that are almost going to college, you should take advantage of the in-state tuition in California. In fact, they have the biggest public university system. Although in-state prices for tuition have gone up with time, residents still get discounts. This means that you can benefit from a great education in California at the best prices.

You Will Need a Car

Unless you are moving to San Francisco, you will need a vehicle in California. The state is big and has cities and towns that are scarcely populated, which means fewer public transit options. Depending on the region of California that you reside in, you might also have to deal with a lot of traffic.

It’s for Nature Lovers

California is the best state for outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts. If you live in California, you can visit beaches, state parks, and mountains and participate in thrilling activities such as swimming and skiing. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can enjoy free hikes and walks in this state.

Easy to Maintain a Healthy Diet

If you want to start eating a diet that is vegetable-heavy, you should move to California. Moreover, the state is great for people who love to eat out but do not like sugar, meat, and gluten. In California, healthy eating is a big deal and being fussy about your diet is normal.

Housing is a Hot Topic

moving house

The housing industry is a big deal in Cali. Some Californian cities have strict rules for local zoning that keep the supply of housing low thus making homes out of reach even for upper middle class persons. In some parts of the state, housing has not yet recovered from the recession and homeowners are still struggling with mortgages. The luckiest California residents are those who have houses that they can afford.

Moving to California Won’t Solve Your Problems

Moving to California will not magically make you happier. Therefore, if you want to move there for your mental health, you should work on this first. Persons living in Cali are not happier because of the ever-shining sun.

It Has Certain Risks

Earthquakes, mudslides, and wildfires are very common in California. Although you might not ever fall victim to any of these natural disasters, you should know that they exist. Knowing this fact can affect your homeowner’s insurance if you want to stop renting and start buying property.

Whether you are renting luxury apartments such as DTLA apartments or live in your own home, your insurance will be costlier when you live in the danger zones.

It Is a Testing Ground for Renewable Energy

If you have been dreaming about producing your own solar energy that you can sell back to the grid, this state seems like the best place to start. However, you should know that selling of energy into the grid is not easy for residents of Cali. Having a solar system on your rooftop comes with hefty fees thanks to the continuing conflict between solar power advocates and utility companies.


If you are planning to move to California, you should know that moving to a different state has a big cost implication. You need to consider the high taxes that residents deal with – consider hiring a financial advisor who can help you to manage your finances.

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