You have made up your mind – considering that technology has gone through tremendous advancements over the past few years, you no longer want to stay with your old phone. You want to sell it and get a better one. You want to get a phone with better capability, enhanced speed, a bigger RAM and ROM, and one you feel will enhance your personality when you are in front of your peers. Well, Wise decision!

However, you don’t just wake up, sell your old phone, run to tech store, and buy a new one. No! If you do that, you might find yourself making the wrong decisions. The last things you want is to buy a phone whose performance will be worse than the old one you had, or sell your phone without backing up all your data right? Therefore, below are some things you should take note of before you sell your old gadget:

The need

The need to sell your phone should be the first thing you should consider before wrapping it in an envelope and sending it to the buyer.

Therefore, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will I do with the money I get from the old phone?
  • Is it wise to sell it or just donate it to a member of my family who doesn’t have one?
  • Am I sure I no longer need the gadget?

The answers to the above questions will help you make an informed decision. Some people will sell their phones today, but later realize that they made a mistake. Don’t be one of them. First, be sure that you really need the money, or you want to get rid of the gadget before selling it.

Who you are selling to


Today, you will find all sorts of clients who want to buy your old phone you will discuss with them everything, agree on the price, ship the phone, but as soon as they receive the gadget, they will cut off communication with you, and that’s when you realize that you have been conned.

Therefore, be careful when selecting who to sell your phone to, especially when you want to do so online. Of course, selling through face-to-face negotiations will be easy since all you will need to do is meet with the buyer in a public place and complete the transaction. However, when doing it online, choose individuals and companies wisely. It is recommended that you sell it to a company that has great reviews, outstanding ratings, and one that assures you of instant payments on delivery.

The current condition of the phone

When selling your old phone, you are the person to determine its price. Therefore, look at the current condition of the gadget, since it will go a long mile in helping you decide how much you will mint from it. Don’t be perplexed by those who will tell you that a second-hand phone should be extremely cheap. If it is in good condition, you can make good money out of it. If it is damaged, you can sell it to companies that buy damaged phones, and still, make a few bucks that you can use to meet your diverse needs.

Bonus: what you need to do before selling your phone

Now that you have considered the above factors and you have made up your mind that you will have to sell your phone, below are a few things you should not forget to do:

  • Sync all data from apps
  • Remove your Google and other accounts so that you get rid of messages, contacts, and other data from your device.
  • Backup your texts, call logs, and files

When you finish doing this, look for the right market for your gadget and good luck!

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