Do you often wonder why some men look exceptionally attractive in suits while you simply look like a guy wearing a suit? Top stylists and the best haberdashers and tailors say it’s not about the toned body of the wearer but rather the little details that matter.

The best-looking suits are those made specifically for the wearer. They are designed to bring out the best look of the wearer and shift attention away from areas of “insecurity.” Most important of all, they uphold the rules for a great suit by incorporating those small details that make a huge difference. What are these features?

1. The suit shoulder

According to the go-to shop for men’s suits in Columbus, Ohio, the suit shoulder fit plays a great role in the overall appearance of the entire ensemble. Thus, it’s important to get it right from the start.

The best trick to help you know if the suit shoulder fit is right is for you to stand close to a wall and lean against it. If the fabric of the suit hits the wall first, it may be too tight. If there’s a lot of bunching by the shoulder, the suit is too big. You know the suit fits right if the fabric by the shoulder of the suit hits the wall first.

2. The hand space between your torso and the suit

When you have the button of your suit jacket closed, you still should be able to slip your hand comfortably between the suit and your upper torso.

3. The fit of the sleeves

Your suit jacket should not be too loose around the arms either. Instead, the sleeves should enhance the natural contours of your arms without feeling too tight or restricting. Sleeves fitted this way will create an even more flattering silhouette.

4. The length of the sleeves

The length of the sleeves of a suit jacket is always shorter than the shirt worn underneath it. The ideal length of the shirt worn under a suit jacket is determined by the cuffs. The cuffs of the shirt should rest right where the wrist crease starts when your arms are at rest. Therefore, the suit jacket’s sleeves should be half or three-quarters of an inch shorter than the shirt.


5. The “bottom” cover

You have a good suit if the jacket covers your bottom just right. It should not be too long; it should be just enough to cover that section of your body. This is not simply for modesty’s sake; a jacket length that properly covers the bottom just looks more sophisticated.

6. The vents

And speaking of the “bottom” cover, it should have vents. These are the cuts on the lower back part of the suit jacket. They enhance fit and improve the comfort of the wearer. Double vents are considered the best because they always cover up the “bottom” without altering the way your jacket hangs whether you are standing or sitting down.

7. The taper of the pants legs

The legs of the pants should not be too loose or too tight (like leggings). However, they should show off the natural contour of your legs. This will create longer and cleaner lines and provide the illusion of a taller body.

Plus, the hem should never slouch around your ankles. To channel the European look, let the hem fall an inch or two above the ankle. But for a traditional fit, the pants should break right on top of your dress shoes.

8. The pants waistband

The best-looking pants have a waistband that does not come with belt loops but rather with adjustable hinges and a locking mechanism instead. This ensures a cleaner or smoother silhouette no matter what your body type may be, or when you have had a big meal at your favorite steak restaurant, it should still be comfortable.

9. The functioning buttons

The buttons of a suit should never just be for aesthetic purposes, they should actually work in adjusting the fit and length of all the components of the suit. Decorative buttons have no value in a good quality suit.

10. The pockets

It’s imperative that the pockets — be they fake or functioning ones — are sewn in seamlessly. They should be flat or not prone to bunching up at every shift of your body or when you tuck in your shirt.

Bespoke for style

A custom-made suit that possesses all these important details offers functional versatility. However you wear it, dressed up, dressed down as “separates,” or creatively with funky pieces like crazy socks, you can have the confidence that you will always look impressively good.

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