When an individual avoids problems or bottles up emotions, it often leads to frustration. Some people refuse to communicate verbally with someone they disagree with. The silent treatment is ineffective when trying to solve a problem or disagreement. It compromises the true feelings and health of the individual.

Individuals who resort to silent treatment often fail to resolve their conflicts with other people healthily. Some individuals also use silent treatment as a coping mechanism when facing business challenges. These individuals use silent treatment in conversations because they want to avoid conflict.

Emotional Trauma

One of the maximum impacts of ignoring or suppressing emotions in the lives of individuals is emotional trauma. Ignoring problems also leads to an overwhelming feeling of mixed emotions, such as loneliness. Silent treatment also leaves individuals in a state of despair while giving them low self-esteem.

Individuals who use silent treatment as a coping mechanism to ignore their problems often negatively relate to society. These individuals continuously suppress their emotions and feelings and have an outburst or go into depression. The silent treatment’s effects are devastating and can lead to trauma.

The continuous ignoring of problems or challenges often leads to anxiety and stress-related illness. Individuals that keep their emotions and ignore their problems feel physically stressed and frustrated. Some individuals use the silent treatment to ignore and escape expressing their feelings to people around them.

The silent treatment is an act that can occur in any setting caused for various reasons, such as an argument. Some individuals turn to this strategy to avoid conflict and other misunderstanding situations.

Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress

The silent treatment induces psychological stress in an individual. It also denies an individual the fundamental human relationship needs. In some homes, silent treatment is a form of punishment for kids who have committed wrongdoing. Giving a child the silent treatment can lead to a negative impact on the developmental stage of the child.

Some parents use this treatment as a form of punishment; however, it is a subtle form of abuse that can lead to depression. The treatment often leads to the victim forcefully apologizing or reconciling because it is controlling. There are often unresolved conflicts in marriages with partners who use silent treatment.

The silent treatment is a mind game that can cause psychological stress on the individual’s mind. It causes the individual to go on an emotional roller-coaster and to lose self-esteem and self-worth. Most individuals that feel lonely and excluded often show some signs of depression and anxiety. These individuals often have overwhelming feelings of loneliness and exclusion.

Another negative impact of the silent treatment is that it often brings about resentment. It leaves room for undiscussed conflicts, which later affect the relationship of the individuals. In a marriage where one partner always resolves to the silent treatment, it can ruin the intimacy in the marriage.

Behavioral Changes

When an individual is constantly ignored, it can bring out specific reactions. These individuals tend to behave in ways that can lead them to second-guess and question themselves. Sometimes, people tend to lash out and doubt themselves in familiar situations. These behaviors may be a result of pent-up emotions.

These individuals tend to have overwhelming emotions caused by ignoring their problems. The feeling of guilt, uncertainty, and lack of control will initiate the fight or flight reaction in the individual. The silent treatment leaves behavioral and psychological repercussions in the individual’s life. 

Individuals giving the silent treatment feeds on the negative emotions and reactions of the person receiving the treatment. These individuals use the treatment to avoid resolution, compromise, or conflict. The treatment then brings out some negative behaviors in the individual on the receiving end of the silent treatment.

Physical Consequences

There are psychological effects of feeling lonely and excluded from the body due to stress. It makes the individual feel excluded and lonely, which can make the individual prone to some chronic diseases. Using silent treatment as a coping mechanism to escape facing some emotions, the individual is at risk of some health complications.

Individuals who use the silent treatment as a coping mechanism tend to experience some symptoms which weaken the body. It also leads to depression which can lead the individual to rely on drugs. If you or a loved one battle with addiction, check out a drug addiction rehab facility in West Palm Beach to get the help you need.

Silent Treatment has Consequences

Some individuals use silent treatment as a coping mechanism to avoid conflicts. It often results in the individual’s emotions, which may suddenly lead to future outrage. Silent treatment often causes behavioral changes, psychological stress, emotional trauma, and physical side effects.

The silent treatment is a subtle manipulation tactic that leads to unresolved conflicts and broken relationships. It also decreases the self-esteem and self-worth of an individual while also leading to unresolved conflicts

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