Four out of every five women suffer seasonal depression. This does not, however, mean depression is limited from that. No one is safe, and it affects people from different walks of life.  Depression can be classified as a form of mental disorder that affects people’s moods. This may include feelings of fear, sadness, anger, and loss. While it might be underestimated, it is worth noting that it can by a large extent affect a person’s daily life.

What causes depression? People suffer depression in different ways. Well, that can be attributed to its various causes which include the disturbance of normal circadian rhythm of the body, female sex hormones, and poor nutrition and so on. Just like any other medical conditions, it is essential that it is diagnosed early so that the victim may be treated in good time. How do you know if you have depression? One is by taking the depression screening quiz. The other way is by being keen on the following symptoms.

1. Behavioral changes

If you notice some behavioral changes, especially inclining on the negative from your loved ones, it might be a warning. The aspects to be keen on is the loss of interest in most things like school and work. No longer finding pleasure in things that they enjoyed doing, like their hobbies and so on. Suicidal thoughts and drug abuse may also be indicators of a person suffering from depression.

2. Withdrawal

For a person who usually enjoyed spending time with family and friends no longer taking an interest in that shows that there is a problem. People with depression tend to withdraw from their friends, families or close associates. This is for various reasons, they feel that they do not have the energy to be around other people, avoid confrontation for their change in behavior and as a result of lacking concentration, avoid situations that will make them appear rude.


3. Sleep problems

Difficulties in finding sleep or staying asleep is another sign of a person having depression. How is sleep associated with depression? Note that sleep problems are usually linked or caused by other issues. Such includes sad feelings. If that persists, then it might mean that one has depression.

4. Poor sexual health

If you notice that your sexual health has been deteriorating over time, then you might be having depression. While it might not be obvious, one can tell by coupling it with other symptoms of depression like low self-esteem and guilt can cause erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, if you notice a decline in sexual desire and poor sexual performance, it may be a warning sign.

A combination of the symptoms mentioned above might be a sign of depression. If you have them, it is important that you seek professional help for assistance with treating and coping with depression.

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