Studying abroad is a great decision for numerous compelling reasons. You won’t just be obtaining international qualifications. Still, you will also be getting a unique cultural experience that can benefit your ability to adapt to varying work environments with a lot more ease. Suppose you have decided to relocate for education. In that case, you should consider International Citizens Insurance and other types of insurance that will keep you and your finances secure while studying in a foreign region.

While studying abroad can be exceptionally beneficial to your chosen career path, some countries are a better choice than others. This list contains the top five countries to study in 2021.


Canada ranks as a top choice for foreign education for two consecutive years. This is likely because the region pours more funding into its educational systems each year than any other country in the world. The universities and schools here are world-renowned, and the high quality of life makes it an excellent choice for students looking to obtain international qualifications in various fields of study. What’s more, the healthcare system is also government-funded, although you should consider ex-pat insurance to gain access to Canada’s top-class medical care.



Australia ranks as the second-best choice for studying abroad as of 2021. The region is significantly warm, so adjusting to the temperatures might be a bit challenging at first. However, the educational institutes found in Australia are phenomenal. The access to higher education in this region is ranked third globally, and the best universities are located in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.


Germany is ranked third-best for international students, and it is also ranked first in Europe for education. You are guaranteed world-class qualifications when choosing Germany, and you will also be able to enjoy the region’s numerous tourism hotspots as the country is rich in history. You can even obtain your undergraduate qualification here free of charge, making it an excellent choice for students on a tighter budget. You may even find it easier to get a student loan for this reason as your costs will be lower.

The United States Of America


The United States of America provides ample choice for international students as several world-renowned educational institutes are based here. The country ranks second globally for access to higher education, although it is ranked fourth for international students. The region is also ranked fifth globally for culture and lifestyle experience, so international students will have a great experience choosing the US to further their education.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the fifth-best choice for international students to study abroad as they are ranked first globally for access to higher education. However, they fall to fifth place as their educational institutes are simply not as great as Canada and other leading regions. Regardless, educational institutes in the UK are renowned, and they are also ranked fourth globally for culture and lifestyle experience.

Choosing the correct foreign country to further your studies can be a bit challenging. However, you should consider your specific field of study to narrow down the best institutes while considering your budget and other aspects such as lifestyle and cultural experiences.

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