When moving from your home, one of the most important factors to prevent a disastrous result is to establish proper organization and planning, otherwise, you will waste time and money.

For this reason, there is a list of tasks below, with all the steps you should take (in chronological order), in order to carry out your move in the simplest and most efficient way.

8 weeks earlier

Organizing a safe and hassle-free move requires about 2 months of careful planning, therefore you should start your arrangements about 8 to 7 weeks before moving day.

One of the first tasks you should do is to make an inventory of all your belongings, after that, you’ll have to decide what will be taken to your new home and what will be sold, donated to charity, or thrown away. For items you no longer need, you can pack them separately and put them in a storage unit until you are sure whether to sell or dispose of them. It is also important to research your moving options and decide whether you will be moving on your own or hiring a professional moving service.

If you have decided to hire a professional moving company, contact reliable services and ask for an estimate of your moving costs, also schedule your move, and book in your chosen moving company. And if your decision was to move on your own, then look for recommendations of reliable movers from friends, family, or online and book a rental truck of the necessary size for the moving day.

At this point, you should notify everyone that should know about your move, such as your landlord (if you rent), your boss, and your children’s school (if you have children). You should also start looking for a reliable health care provider and a good school for your children in the new area or city where you will be living.

4 weeks before

Look for your and your family’s medical records, as well as your children’s school records. Get rid of what you have decided to throw away, for this purpose you can organize a garage sale or post the items you no longer want on selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace, or you can simply donate them to any charity, or to any friend or family member. And when you’ve done all that, buy packing supplies and start packing the items that you won’t need until moving day.


2 weeks earlier

Update your email addresses with family and friends. Transfer utilities, arrange for the cancellation of services in your old home for the day after your move and contact the service providers in your new home so that they are activated at the time of your arrival.

Reserve a parking space for the moving truck (preferably directly in front of the entrance to your new home), and if you are moving to a residential complex, let the management know in advance that you will be using the elevator for your move.

1 week earlier

Contact your mover and confirm that the move is still on track. Check the progress of your packing, most of your belongings should be packed and labeled at this point. And if necessary, hire a babysitter to take care of your children and/or pets for moving day.

2 days before

Finish packing and leave handy necessary items only,(such as dishes, glasses, and silverware). Prepare all your household appliances: empty them, clean them and make sure they are completely dry and well wrapped for the move. Also, be sure to check that you have all your valuables and important documents with you.

Moving Day

Get a good night’s rest the night before and get up early in the morning, so that you have plenty of time for any last-minute tasks. Check your home thoroughly for any forgotten items, greet the movers and give them all the directions and information they need to carry out the move quickly and efficiently. Keep your children and pets away from the loading and unloading procedures of the move, and after everything is packed, give the truck driver the exact address and your phone number.

After this entire process is finished, clean out your old house, lock it up securely and say goodbye to your old home.

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