Drummers have the hardest time when it comes to learning due to the bulky nature of their instruments.

However, electronic drums have become the go-to solution for most drummers. Their compact size makes them easy to handle, they require less storage space, and the output volume can be controlled.

For these reasons, electronic drums are a great beginner drum kit. Nonetheless, here are a few things you need to know about electronic drums.

What’s required to begin?

 The first and most essential tool a drummer need is a set of drumsticks. You may lack a drum set but you should never lack a pair of drum sticks. Invest in a good pair of durable sticks before you buy anything else.

  • Practice pads

A durable interactive practice pad that can guide you through your learning process is a great tool to have. A metronome is an essential accessory. It will make you comfortable with the concept of timekeeping. This is a vital quality to have for any player who hopes to be as good as the likes of Buddy Rich. Among the top benefits of an electronic drum kit is the presence of an in-built metronome.

Why the electronic drums?

  • Compact size

Electronic kits are great for individual practice. The generally small size allows the kit to easily fit into a small space.

  • Volume control and adjustment

Electronic drums have the added advantage of volume control. It’s easier to regulate the volume level while playing on an electronic set, making it well suited for home practice. You can also plug in headphones to control the sound even more.

  • Sound range

Electronic drum kits have a wide array of installed sounds. You can access whatever sound you please when practicing, depending on the style of music. These sounds come with the kit upon purchase.

Purchasing Your Electronic Drum Kit

Owning a drum kit is essential to any drummer. When you’re contemplating buying an electronic drum kit, here’s what you should bear in mind.

  • Time and research

The process of buying an electronic drum kit requires a lot of thought and research. Knowing the different models of electronic drums and the range of sounds they offer takes time. You may have to scout around at a few different music shops before coming to your final decision.

  • Seek professional guidance

A drummer who’s only just starting to learn the instrument needs extra guidance on the kit to purchase. It’s wise to pick a kit you can grow with as you learn. Such a kit will serve you longer.

How hard is it to learn the electronic drums?

This is the first question any beginner drummer will ask and it’s warranted. Drums require a lot of coordination to play, making them a bit complicated in the initial learning stages. This is something to bear in mind as you begin your journey as a student.

Electronic drums require a lot of practice, especially for a beginner player. Experienced acoustic drummers will also have to adjust to working with electric drum pads versus skins but the transition is often smooth.

Online tutorials are a good learning tool for both beginners and advanced players. They come in handy when trying to find your way around an electronic drum kit. Nonetheless, be sure to learn from the right people.

Professional Classes

Having a teacher to guide you through your learning process is helpful. A tutor will ease the transition process and give you a better understanding of how the electronic drum set works.

Working with a teacher will also help you to have goal-oriented practice sessions. Moreover, it’s easier to track your growth over time when working with a teacher.

If you are starting out, electronic drums are exactly what you need. It’s a great asset for any aspiring drummer. Electric kits have numerous features that make practice easier and allow for a lot of experimentation. Now that you know where to begin, get started today!

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