There are many reasons why you may experience a chipped tooth. In fact, it is not an uncommon occurrence, research shows an increasing number of people are suffering from chipped teeth.

Causes Of Chipped Teeth

The most common cause is trauma when the tooth is damaged due to a sports injury or other accident. But, grinding is also a common cause and this is increasing as people lead more stressful lives.

Whatever the cause, a chipped tooth isn’t just going to damage your smile, it can lead to other consequences. That’s why it is essential you see a reputable dentist as soon as possible, such as this  dentist St Leonards. They will help you avoid these future issues.

Tooth Decay

When your tooth is chipped the enamel coating is damaged. In mild cases, it may present as a roughness on your teeth as the damage is minimal. In more severe cases the chip may be obvious as a small piece of your tooth is missing.

In both cases, this opens up a pathway to the inside of your tooth. Bacteria will move through the soft inside of your tooth, damaging the tissue. At this point, your tooth is experiencing decay and needs to be treated. A dentist will clean the tooth and fill the gap, protecting it against future issues.

But, if left, it can cause an infection. This will be painful and make dental surgery more complicated, it is likely to result in the need for a root canal or, if left for too long, the decaying tooth will need to be removed.


A chipped tooth will inevitably have a sharp edge. This will inadvertently connect with your cheek and cause a cut. It can even cut your tongue. You’ll then need to deal with the pain of cutting your cheek, mouth, or both, and the pain of your chipped tooth.

Although rare, it is also possible that the cuts inside your mouth can become infected, giving rise to further issues.


It’s not surprising that your tooth will feel more sensitive, especially when you consume hot or cold items. This is because the nerves are more exposed and this causes a painful sensitivity. Unless you avoid hot, cold, and sweet things, you won’t be able to avoid the pain of sensitivity. It is better to get the chipped tooth dealt with.

Broken Tooth

Alongside the potential infection, a cracked tooth is automatically weaker than your regular teeth. This means it is more likely to break. It’s an unpleasant feeling when this happens, usually as you eat.  Of course, if you have a broken tooth you will need more treatment to repair it. Instead of filling and bonding a crack, you will need a crown or even an extraction and an implant.

In short, if you have chipped your tooth or even think you may have done it, book a dental appointment and get it checked. This is one time when the faster you take action, the better.

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