Packaging is often neglected or not given much thought to by most people before they start a business. You too might find it hard to believe but packaging plays a huge role in defining how people perceive your products. It’s no surprise, therefore, that any marketing experts even consider packaging to be as important as the product itself!

You may be wondering why product packaging is important. Read on to find out! This article talks about the importance of product packaging and also gives you tips on how to design your packaging.

Importance Of Packaging

Importance Of Packaging

Do you think the packaging of your products is just a means to keep them safe from external damages? Think again! From being a marketing tool for creating brand recall value, it has many functions to perform. Here, let’s look at some of them.

  • It Acts As A Marketing Tool

Packaging is an important marketing tool as it is the first contact the buyer has with your company or product. This is where the first impression is made. If your packaging is flimsy or just not appealing, it can already put off the customer from the product, no matter how good your product is. People do ’judge a book by its cover’, and for your product, the packaging serves as the ‘cover’.

  • It Protects Your Products

Packaging plays a huge role in protecting your product from external damage and dirt. The packaging needs to be sturdy and protective enough to ensure that the product reaches the customer in good shape.

  • It Makes Your Product Stand Out

How many times have you walked through an aisle containing similar products at a mall and suddenly stopped to pick up a product which caught your eye? That’s the power of packaging! If your packaging stands out and is unique, it will grab the customers’ attention and create higher chances of it being bought. This also means good packaging can actually help you sell your product better.

  • It Helps Customers Remember Your Product

When you think of famous brands like Apple or Target, what comes to your mind? Their logo, isn’t it? This logo is displayed on the packaging. So if you have just started off your business and your brand name is not that popular as yet, having a great logo on your packaging might just make the customer remember your product next time they see it.

Designing your Packaging

Designing your Packaging

Now you know that packaging is as important as any other marketing techniques you use to sell your products. But another question remains to be answered – how to design your packaging? Here are a few tips.

  • Use Colours Wisely

Here, keeping it simple is the key. Too many colors on the packaging can confuse the customer and make your product look less sophisticated. Also, did you know that our brain has different reactions to different colors? Colors like white can portray safety, purity, and simplicity.  So depending on your product, you can select a color which suits it best. While doing so, you should also keep in mind your target audience. If it is young kids that you are targeting, extremely subtle and sophisticated packaging might not attract them and vice- versa with adults.

  • Involve the Customer’s Senses

Packaging is the first thing the customer will experience your product with. Not only does it have to appeal to the sense of vision, it should also feel and smell good. Yes, you read it right. Make your packaging appeal to the senses of your customers, which will add an extra oomph factor to your product.

  • Let your Packaging Sell the Product

The packaging for the product should be such that it lets the customer know about the product before even reading about it. For example, you cannot have polka dots or ribbons on a mascara packaging. You need to make sure that the packaging lets the customer know at the first glance what your product is all about.

  • Eco- friendly Options

People are becoming extremely aware of the effects of plastic and other non-biodegradable products on our environment. And as a result, they are opting for alternatives which are eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly materials for your packaging will surely help you gain appreciation from customers. It may even act as a deciding factor between your product and another without eco-friendly packaging. This will not only give your business a boost but also help us reduce the stress non-biodegradable products are putting on our environment.

So if you want your product to be a success, you know where to start now. Go ahead and start designing the best packaging which will help make your products successful!

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