It can be a bit of a challenge to figure out what someone should be and should not be feeding a German Shepherd. Luckily, I’ve learned from experience and can help you during this learning process.

When it comes to feeding a German Shepherd, there are a lot of things that are bad for them and some things that are actually not harmful at all, even if it seems like they would be. Here are the do’s and don’ts to feeding German Shepherds.

Do Experiment with Dog Food Brands

There are dozens of food brands for dogs out there in the world. You can’t know which is the best for your dog if you aren’t continually testing out new foods every few months.

It’s not necessary to change the food brands daily or even weekly, but you should switch up the meal plan from time to time just to make sure that your dog is getting all of the nutrition that he needs.

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Don’t Force Your Dog into Eating Something He Doesn’t Want

With that last tip in mind, please don’t try to force your dog into eating something that he doesn’t want to. Dogs will tend to go hungry rather than eat something that they don’t want.

You should think of them as though they were toddlers because they have the same personality traits when it comes to eating. To keep him from getting bored, you should change up the food every few months. But if he doesn’t like something, then don’t make him eat it.

German Shepherd

Do Feed Your Dog Different Meats

There are a lot of meats that you can feed your dog, but be careful with fish. The fish itself might not be extremely harmful to your dog, but the way it is prepared can cause problems. When you cook fish, you can use a lot of oil and seasonings that can be harmful to your dog.

Don’t Feed Your Dog Anything Spicy

Dogs have very sensitive taste buds, and they also have a very sensitive digestive system. When deciding what to feed your German Shepherd, you should make sure that you avoid anything spicy in your diet as this will only cause your pet issues in the future.

Do Give Your Dog Veggies in Meals

Most vegetables are safe for dog consumption. Well, the popular ones at least. You can feed your dog all kinds of peas, and he will not only get some nutrients, but he will enjoy a new snack that he probably has not eaten before. There are plenty more veggies that you can feed your dog, but make sure to do your research first and veggies that can harm him.

A few examples of veggies that you should never feed to your dog:

  • Avocados
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Tomatoes

Don’t Give Your Dog Fatty Meat Pieces

German Shepherd

Much like humans should reduce fattier meats and fat pieces in meat, you should also refrain from giving those pieces to your dog. It might seem very tempting to just pass along a few fatty meat pieces to your pet, but you should never do this when you are feeding your GSD as this will hurt him.

Do Give Snacks to Keep Him Satisfied

It is okay to give your German shepherd snacks and treats. Many people will use treats as a reward system for training, so a lot of pets are used to getting snacks and treats, though you shouldn’t go overboard with the treats. Make sure not to give him too many treats, or he will become a spoiled dog.

Don’t Overfeed Him

Your dog should have access to food whenever he is hungry. But there is a thin line between keeping food around in case he gets hungry and overfeeding your dog.

You should make sure not to cross this thin line. Instead of filling your dog’s bowl up all the way, separate his daily portion twice a day (in the morning and at night) and give a few treats or snacks in between.

Another benefit is he will be on a more regular potty schedule if she is on a regular feeding schedule. Most dogs will relieve themselves in a certain amount of time after they eat or drink, and if you are consistent with this, then your dog will be too!

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