Employment in the U.S. healthcare industry is projected to record a 15% growth by 2029. The employment rate is higher than in all other occupations. With an addition of more than 2.4 million jobs, venturing into the industry is a wise move.

You can get a range of healthcare administration jobs to kickstart your career in this field. Keep reading to know some of the jobs you can consider in 2020.

Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators often oversee the daily operations, facility’s network, and all health services. Typically, a hospital, regardless of size, has a large number of workers. As such, a hospital administrator’s job is a big deal.

A hospital administrator manages everything, including departmental budgets and staffing requirements. They play a critical role in patient satisfaction and cost reduction. If you need to know the program to take to be a health administrator, check out the Institute of Medical and Business Careers.

Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants refer to management analysts specializing in businesses related to medicine. As a consultant, you’ll be working with public hospitals and private practices. The aim is to ensure that the operations are profitable, efficient, and satisfactory.

Health Insurance Specialist

Health insurance in the United States accounts for 26% of the total non-wage compensation. The growing spending on healthcare services has prompted a surge in healthcare insurance. Many facilities now have these specialists to manage patients’ claim process and billing.

Initially, the roles were done by entry-level medics, but the role is becoming more complex. As such, employers require specialists with more expertise in the field. You’ll need to have a problem-solving attitude to succeed in the profession.


Informatics Manager

One of the healthcare administration jobs you’d want to consider is an informatics manager. Healthcare facilities have been adopting electronic medical records (EMRs), which have led to the need for administrative professionals. These experts are necessary for bridging the gap between clerical and clinical staff and IT.

Informatics managers are in charge of the clinical information systems’ daily operations in healthcare facilities. The roles include;

  • Monitoring systems for regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring accessibility of records
  • Budget creation and tracking
  • Staff training

Social Media Director

Healthcare facilities require social media marketing to compete favorably. Patients are using social media to look for healthcare information. As such, clinics are looking for social media directors for marketing.

A social media marketing director utilizes several social media tools to share information, communicate with new and existing patients, and engaging the public. If you have social media marketing skills, you can opt to be a social media director.

Healthcare Administration Jobs Are Fulfilling

Healthcare jobs in the U.S. are the most promising. If you’re looking for healthcare administration jobs this year, the options are endless. You need to get the right education, skills, and experience to succeed in this industry.

The best part is that growth in the healthcare sector is imminent. Ensure that you pursue more education and network wisely to rise in your career.

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