Celebrities often raise an eyebrow by wearing extremely dark sunglasses everywhere in public—outdoors, indoors, during the daytime, or on the darkest nights. You’ve probably wondered why celebrities have this habit in common. Do sunglasses serve any other function for celebrities other than shielding their eyes from the sun’s UV rays?

Questionable? Absolutely, but maybe they have pretty good reasons to justify this habit. Here’s the scoop on why they choose to hide their eyes offscreen.

1. To Fool the Public (As if They Can)

Having an instantly recognizable face is great, but it sure comes with the package.

While becoming a celebrity is a far-fetched dream for many, those who realized it wish they never had when they’re out on the town – all ‘thanks’ to the excessive attention they receive from their stans in public.

In these situations, a pair of sunglasses has got them covered (like, literally!)

But before your heart breaks and you think your favorite celebrity doesn’t want you to recognize them in public or give you that precious autograph, wearing sunglasses is one of the things celebrities often do to avoid being pestered by the paparazzi—they’re everywhere, indeed.

With sunglasses, these celebrities know they have some privacy because their faces aren’t completely exposed. This also means the likelihood of them being recognised while outside reduces significantly. Sunshades also come in handy when their faces aren’t so presentable, like during a hangover, or there’s a bruise on the face.

2. To Set Trends for Fans and other Celebs

The appeal of celebrity band sunglasses lies not only in their functionality but also in the mystique they create. When a celebrity appears in the public eye wearing a pair of sunglasses, the fashion world takes notice. Fans around the globe are quick to follow the lead of their favorite celebrities and clamour for the latest stylish shades. It’s a celebrity effect.


The influence of celebrity sunglasses is not only for fans but also for other celebrities. The entertainment industry is often characterized by the phenomenon of “comparison,” where celebrities compete not only for accolades but also for the coveted title of a trendsetter. A headlining star’s posting of a new pair of sunglasses on a social media platform can trigger a series of reactions, inspiring other celebrities to follow suit and push a particular style of sunglasses into the fashion limelight.

In short, celebrities with sunglasses not only attract fans but also influence the world of fashion. As fans and celebrities continue to draw inspiration from headliners, the appeal of celebrity sunglasses shows no signs of abating!

3. To Protect their Pretty Eyes from UV Damage

Sunglasses aren’t just for fashion, though. They serve another practical purpose: to protect their eyes. We’re not just talking about UV rays from the sun—we’re also talking about flashes from paparazzi cameras. When the eyes are exposed to incessant flashes from cameras, they are at risk of “flash blindness,” which is a temporary form of blindness. Still, as a celebrity, you don’t want to find yourself in that awkward position where you’re blind for a few minutes at a public event. That’s why the best celebrity glasses for males and females have UVB and UVA blockers. This protects them from the harmful consequences of overexposure to light.

4. Not a celebrity? You can still look like one!

Perhaps this is why there’s something about celebrity pictures in sunglasses that’s so intriguing and captivating, and it’s also probably why that person striding down the street in a pair of sunglasses often turns the most heads.

But while someone donning chic sunglasses is a sight to behold, it might not be as enjoyable for the wearer if the pair is not that comfortable, the lenses get foggy very often, or the earpieces frequently slip.


These struggles that have always held people back from rocking sunglasses are no longer relatable for Dollger’s customers, who are now living their best lives even under the blazing sun on scorching hot days.

With Dollger, finding the right pair is as easy as browsing through the extensive collection of sunglasses that come in all styles, shapes, and colours you can dream of!

From the square 90s style sunglasses for a vintage touch to the oval casual pair, the eye-catching octagon aviator ones, and even the elegant oversized pair to nail a business-smart look, you might find yourself itching to get them all.

And the available colours that give off that ‘I’m so important’ vibe might just be what you need to make people mistake you for a celebrity – be it the go-to black and grey, the fashion-savvy blue and violet, the gorgeous muted pink, and if turning head is what you’re after, the striking red and gold-yellow.

To Sum Up

One thing you will realize from this article is there are various reasons celebrities wear sunshades, and you may not know why a certain celebrity uses one unless they come out to explain. One thing we can all agree on though, is the trend of celebrities using sunglasses is not ending anytime soon.

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