Sending SMS remains a reliable medium of information exchange, as it’s especially convenient and accessible. We get such messages from our bank. We use SMS to confirm our registration in various services, find out when we need to go to the doctor, and receive valuable information from our mobile operator. Thus, despite the development of social media and instant messengers, the future of text marketing is quite definite.

SMS is still the most important communication channel. Despite the fact that this service is less and less used for ordinary communication, it is actively used in the field of marketing – for advertising posts, mailing information about discounts and promotions, etc. Business SMS offers a lot of benefits to everyone who knows how to use it properly. This article will focus on text message marketing trends of the current year, as well as its prospects for this sector in the near future.

SMS Marketing Still has a Future

Text messaging is a popular type of business that still generates significant profit for its owners. In the current year 2021, SMS is an important communication channel between buyers and sellers of goods and services. Not all commercial companies can find out the coordinates of their clients on social media. But they know for sure that they can receive texts if they have a mobile phone number.

Experience shows that even with the continuous development of Internet technologies, leveraging SMS marketing stays popular and universal. This fact allows us to assert that in the future 2022, SMS mailings won’t disappear into thin air. This type of distributing advertising information has a number of undeniable advantages. The main one is that it’s easy to grow your customer base with mobile phone numbers.

Nowadays, companies are resorting to different ways to improve the effectiveness of their SMS advertising. For example, the world-famous technology corporation Intis Telecom has offered a freeway for customers to add a special link to their SMS message, following which the addressee gets access to modern media services, including Internet pages and video materials. Thus, Intis Telecom managed to increase its conversion rate significantly.

To increase your customers’ interest in text messages, there is a sure way to give them the opportunity to see all their benefits when placing orders. This idea was successfully implemented by the Sushiya company. It is much more convenient for those who want to make a purchase to fill in a special product code in SMS than to spend a lot of time writing the data of the order form on the site. The use of texts has significantly accelerated the purchase process.

Mind-blowing SMS marketing statistics

Today, few experts doubt that SMS marketing is a really successful domain. Numerous text messaging trends and predictions hold great promise for the future. Our readers will certainly be interested in looking at these interesting statistics:

  • in 2021, 3.8 billion people own mobile gadgets, and in 2022 this figure will increase significantly;
  • 75% of consumers have nothing against consumer engagement with SMS;
  • CTR coefficient for SMS-mailings is higher by 9.18% in comparison with other methods of digital information transmission;
  • recipients read 98% of all SMS-posts, which is incomparably more than in the case of sending by e-mail;
  • 60% of recipients read e-commerce SMS texts in a maximum of 5 minutes after they get them on their phone;
  • more than 67 million American citizens redeem their coupons using smartphones this year.

As you can see, text message marketing has great potential, and the problem of its effectiveness mainly lies in the correctness of your marketing specialist’s actions during the development and implementation of any campaign.

7 trends and predictions for SMS marketing in 2021-2022

SMS marketing remains an important and effective area of digital communications. For companies wishing to achieve success in this area in the current and future years, it will be necessary to constantly search for new strategies and solutions.

Next year, we expect the trends described below for this direction.

Increase of SMS traffic in customer service

Business SMS will simplify many operations of customer service, in particular:

  • sending confirmations of purchase orders;
  • providing monitoring data for product delivery;
  • sending reminders about future events, promotions, and discounts;
  • answers to customer questions;
  • requests for feedback on the purchased product.

Communication via text messages will continue to play an important role in solving pressing customer service problems.

Introduction of 10DLC 10-digit codes

This innovation involves moving away from the use of short SMS coding. The new solution has several advantages. It’s cheaper and fast, it reliably protects against spam, improves message delivery success, and is more popular with mobile customers.

Increasing the success of text message marketing when implementing ad campaigns and announcing discounts

Text Marketing

The automated text messaging conversion rate of today is roughly 14%. This channel remains highly popular with entrepreneurs looking to get profit from advertising or selling products and services. According to the roughest estimates, the method of delivering information via texts is twice as efficient as sending it by email.

Cross-selling with the help of SMS

At the moment, 77% of respondents react well to mailings from sellers of services or goods. Sending status update messages provides profitable cross-selling and enables business participants to make discounts and inform their potential customers about them.

The increasing popularity of SMS strategies at B2B companies

B2B players don’t pick up consumer engagement with SMS as quickly as B2C companies. But SMS technologies are now expanding into new varieties of customer service channels.

In order for your distribution of text in B2B to become successful, you first need to properly establish communication with your future clients. Today, marketers are testing new ways to communicate via texting, and many of them will undoubtedly increase their effectiveness in the near future.

Applying SMS marketing in B2B increases business profitability. Sales, promotions, and offers will become more accessible. Well-established feedback will allow your consumers to get an answer to any question.

Improving the productivity of SMS as a marketing channel

It’s no secret that email has always had great profitability of investments. Today 73% of marketers still see this channel as the best way to return their investments.

But unlike e-mails, users read text messages more quickly. The reason for this is the system of reminders for SMS sent on smartphones and other important factors.

The rising popularity of personalized text message marketing

According to SmarterHQ experts, 72% of buyers are interested exclusively in personalized messages. An individual approach will give more opportunities to form a narrow target audience that will help you increase sales of your goods and services with transactional SMS updates.


A competent and effective SMS strategy always implies the use of perfect software. If you are a beginner specialist and carry out your first SMS-mailing, or have extensive experience in the field of marketing, an SMS verification provider will help you to automate all routine operations. Install a modern application, and you will be able to quickly send meaningful SMS posts, attracting new customers to your business.

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