Italy is famous for its varieties of wine. Wine production has been part of their identity and culture. It’s not a surprising fact anymore that most of us enjoy the taste of Italian wines.

One of the most prominent Italian wines is Sassicaia. The wine is said to be owned by Mario Incisa della Rocchetta of Tenute San Guido. Today, wine is considered to be one of the finest wines in the entire world. Originally, Sassicaia was first harvested in 1968 and quickly claimed its success. And, until now it continues to prosper globally.

This specific Tenute San Guido is made from 15 percent Cabernet Franc and 85 percent Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is known for its regal red color. A combination of a variety of red fruits blended the taste, and the soft tannins ensure the quality of the wine. If you are considering Sassicaia wine as one of your bucket lists, let’s take a peek of some common yet suitable Sassicaia wines for any occasions.

1985 Sassicaia- 750ml

The 1985 wine that is worthy to add in your cart. Drinkers usually give this wine a perfect rating. With a lower price of $2,849.00, you can now own a 750ml bottle of champagne for a different celebration.

1990 Sassicaia- 750ml

With a price of $505.00, this wine appears to be one of the finest wines you could ever have. The wine is widely known for its taste since 1985. The manufacturer is proud of its romantic and addictive aroma. The usual colors are saturated purple which is almost bluish in color.


1995 Sassicaia- 750ml

This 1995 750ml bottle of wine is exceptional for its opaque ruby color with a perfect blend of minerals, licorice, and black currants. This 1995 version of Sassicaia is only $285.00 and absolutely ideal for your planned occasions.

1998 Sassicaia- 750ml

Blended with a perfect and lovely aroma of currants, this wine is your perfect partner for dates and feast. The wine has full blooded red color because of its green olives mixture for just $335.00.

1999 Sassicaia- 750ml

This 1999 version proudly introduced its musky aroma dark plum, tobacco leaf, and blackcurrant. The perfect juicy taste is flavored with minerals, dark berries, and cedar. The unique balance of mixtures creates a fabulous wine for only $299.00.

2001 Sassicaia- 750ml

A red-ruby like colored champagne for only $319.00. The wine is blended with minerals, coffee, smoke, raspberry, dark cherry, and sexy coconutty oak. The wine is rich in concentrated flavors of specific berries.

2004 Sassicaia- 375ml

A mixture of ripe red cherry, smoke, mint, and black truffle with minerals and floral elements. The particular wine is rich with its fine and concentrated flavors dark-colored fruits for only $149.00.

2006 Sassicaia- 1.5L

This 2006 Sassicaia is considered to be one of the great recent vintages wine of all time. For just $799.00 you can proudly own 1.5l of champagne perfect for wedding or birthday gift.

2007 Sassicaia- 750ml

This Cabernet Sauvignon is rich with its dark-colored cherries, minerals, spices, and plums. Most drinkers are attracted with its seamless beauty on the outside that creates their perfect romantic day.

2008 Sassicaia- 750ml

Most drinkers would say that this 2008 Sassicaia is better than the legendary 1985 wine because of its fantastic aroma and taste. The wine is perfectly blended with licorice, plums, and blueberries for only $269.00.

2009 Sassicaia- 750ml

This 2009 version is proud of its beautiful balance and mixture. The flavor is full of juicy yet muscular character. For only $259.00, you can send this as a gift to your loved ones or,  gift to yourself. Consider Sokolin Sassicaia wines as your gift for instance.

2012 Sassicaia- 375ml

According to some drinkers, Italy wine is one of the most iconic wines of all time. The wine is known for its juicy red currant, ripe raspberries, blue flowers, and white pepper sensations for only $115.00.

2013 Sassicaia- 375ml

The aroma of the wine is blended with black and red fruits which are blackberries, blueberries, and currants. The $109.00 wine is also made from sweet spices, tobacco, and menthol sensations creating an elegant taste and aroma.

2015 Sassicaia- 750ml

Most drinkers love its unique and romantic aroma. This $249.00 young red wine has cinnamon, sage, five-space character, and blackcurrants. It is also rich in ripe tannins giving its perfect color.


The exact words for Sassicaia wines are romantic, fabulous, and rejuvenating. There are plenty of reasons that drinkers moderately drink these wines as part of their healthy diet. And, one of those is to be stress-free and to rejuvenate. Now, if you’re considering to make these wines as part of your healthy lifestyle, better check out the Sassicaia wines as your good start.

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