Full-length wall mirrors have various uses which depend on where it is placed. It can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, lounge, and corridor or even at the entrance of homes, offices or business hallways. It allows people to have a full view of their stature as well as their surroundings and this is its most unique feature. There are various ways full-length mirrors can be used to decorate the entrances of homes or business premises. In this paper, we discuss ten different ways the full-length mirror can be used to decorate the entrances of apartments and business buildings.

1. Make the Entrance Feel Bigger using Full-Length Wall Mirror

Full Length Wall Mirror

Full-Length wall mirror mounted on the wall is the most common design. It is a great design for any entrance area but precisely so for small space entrances since it does not require any floor space. It has the effect of making a small entrance area feel bigger while giving people a full view of their stature. Because these designs are widespread, it is easy to acquire one at relatively cheaper prices than other designs. The price will also depend on the design of the frame and the quality of the mirror itself. It is very appropriate for the home set up, or in a business premise.

2. Freestanding Full-Length Mirror


This design is appropriate if the entrance area has enough floor space. It is a glamorous fixture when the wall space has been filled with other materials or when one has a particular liking for mirrors that stand on their own. There are several designs of free-standing full-length mirrors that one can choose from.

3. Movable Floor Standing Full-Length Mirror Helps for New Designs

Floor standing mirrors are usually tall and rectangular consisting of a frame that has two short legs at the front or rests on the floor directly and a foldable stand at the back that supports the mirror preventing it from falling backward. The flexibility of the stand at the back of the mirror makes it suitable for use in constricted areas like corners because they occupy minimal floor space. It is also possible to move the mirror if need be making it possible to change the design of your entrance from time to time to give a fresh look.

4. Tilted Cheval Mirror

These full-length mirrors have four stands like a horse, the English translation of their French name. Cheval is French for a horse. You can tilt them to whichever angle you want to give you a full image of yourself or to give you an image of the portion of the body you want. They are available in either rectangular or oval shape. The oval shape adds a vintage décor to the entrance area and has an elegant feel. Rectangular frames bring out a more modern feeling and either wood or metal can be used as the frame. They are great designs for the entrance of motel rooms, homes or even offices.

5. Install Full-Length Door Mirror for the Stylish Plain Finish

Stylish Plain Finish

A person might need a full-length mirror but lack the space to fix one. The installation of a full-length door mirror is very useful in these circumstances. It is an excellent choice for a homestead at the entrance of the main door so that people can have a full look at their outfits when leaving and coming back into the house.

6. Full-Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire

These types of full-length mirrors are essential because, on top of serving the purpose of a full-length mirror, they provide the owner with significant extra space that can be used for storing jewelry. They have a rectangular shape similar to cheval mirrors and a convenient storage space where one can keep their ornaments and accessories. From their external look, it is impossible to tell if this mirror can be open and inside it has several compartments pockets and hooks where one can keep personal stuff.

7. A Flower vase Full Length Mirrors Placed in Front of the Full-Length Mirrors

Flower vase

A full-length wall mirror can be placed behind a flower vase to create a floral aura at the entrance of your home or office. This combination is a beautiful, welcoming view that will give a good impression to your visitors. It also brightens up the mood of those entering the premises and makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. The mirror should be fixed at some height from the floor to provide room for cleaning and also to ensure people can have a better view of themselves as they enter or leave the premise.

8. Full-Length Wall Mirror behind a Statue

Statues add a touch of art to the building, and they make an impression about the type of activities that are handled there. Adding a full-length mirror behind the statues adds beauty to the entrance, and the images of the statue inside the mirror emphasize its presence, and if it is symbolic, it emphasizes the theme it portrays.

9. Use Two Full-Length Mirrors Opposite to Each Other

Using two full-length mirrors opposite to each other also adds beauty to the entrance area as the mirrors create recurring images of the entrance features inside each other. The images create a beautiful pattern inside the mirrors, and they also help make the space to feel bigger. They can be used in the entrance of hospitals, restaurants, and many other places.

10. Stylish Frames to Modify the Full-Length Mirrors

There are several elegant frame designs in the market that one can choose from. These add a touch of class and beauty at the entrance area. They can be used on free-standing full-length mirrors or wall mounted mirrors depending on available space and client’s preference. Choose a design that matches with the interior design theme.

11. Use a Patterned Full-Length Mirror

A patterned mirror is simply a decorative feature adding to the aesthetic of the entrance. There are various design patterns one can choose from depending on their preferences. These decorative mirror designs are suitable for any entrance area, be it a home or a business setting. They are however not recommended for use at the gym. A patterned full-length mirror can be wall mounted or free-standing, and the type you choose will be determined by the availability of floor space.

Some of the ways you can use full-length mirrors to add décor to your entrance area include. Most of the designs are applicable in several settings either for home or business premises generating the same effects. It is, however, important to consider the interior theme when choosing frames for your full-length mirror as well as the available floor space in the entrance area. The frames can be wooden or metallic depending on the artistic finish one desires. The cost implications of the designs are not very diverse, but they will depend on your final goal. Using the full length mirrors alone costs somewhat but adding a few assets like flowers and flower vases or even statues representing business logos may increase the final cost of the entrance decoration. It is important to consult a specialist to get expert advice on what suits your entrance so that your design can be done professionally.

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