Launch time is coming up for boat owners, meaning it’s time for you to start preparing for the upcoming boating season this spring. Although how much preparing you need to do might depend on what kind of boat you have and where you stored it, there are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing yourself for the upcoming boating season. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

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Proper Life Jackets Care

It’s important that you take care of your safety equipment on your boat, such as life jackets. Not only are they important to be well stocked in your boat, but they should be cared for before launching this upcoming boating season. Here are a few tips to follow when it comes to proper care of your life jackets:

Ensure the Life Jackets Are the Right Size for Your Crew

Inspect your life jackets to make sure they’re in good enough condition for the upcoming boating season. Because you may be taking a variety of different people—such as children, teens, and adults—on board throughout the boating season, it would be best to carry different sizes. You should do this even if you’re planning on only using the boat for your family and only need a few select sizes. This way, you are prepared for others you might want to take out on your boat who might need a different size.

Check Your Boat’s Navigation Lights

If you own a boat with built-in navigational light, you should make sure the bulbs work and are in good condition before boating season begins. If you notice that the bulb is dim or corroded, make sure you replace it with a new one. Also, it’s worth considering having spare bulbs onboard in case a bulb burns out when you’re on the water. However, when you stock your boat with spare bulbs, ensure they’re both the right size and type. You should also check the wiring of your boat’s navigational lights and ensure the wires haven’t corroded from being in storage during the winter.

Visual Inspection, Washing/Waxing, and Maintenance of Your Boat

Before launching your boat, you should do a proper inspection of it. This involves checking the hull for any holes or cracks that would require repair. Also, it means a full scrub down of your boat to make it clean for the new boating season. You should also consider waxing it to remove built-up dirt and grime from being in storage. Finally, you should also upkeep on maintenance of your boat, such as changing the oil, replacing damaged hoses, and replacing the spark plugs if need be as well.

Take Precautions to Prevent Accidents

Although this depends entirely on what kind of boat you own, it’s important you take necessary precautions to prevent boating accidents happening during the upcoming boating season. Taking precautions typically involves making sure oils and lubricants are out of harm’s way and ensuring a certified boat mechanic has looked over your boat and made sure the engine is in good condition.

You should also check the water pump impeller and ensure that the outboard motor lower gear-case oil wasn’t changed when it was winterized. If it was, you should change it as soon as you can. Next, you should flush out the water system and ensure the products you are using for taking care of your boat are up-to-date and don’t smell strange. If you notice any problems, you should write them down in a list and have a certified boat mechanic look them over.

It’s important that you properly prepare your boat for the boating season. Hopefully, with the help of these tips, you can prepare yourself and your boat for the upcoming boating season and prevent accidents on the water from happening.

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