Sexually active individuals engage in casual sex because they are unaware of the risks of getting infected with various sexually transmitted diseases. Despite their random partners, they always assume that they are free from any STDs. Little did they know that most STDs do not manifest themselves or show symptoms unless they are in the later stages.


How do you know if you have STD? Are you aware of the symptoms that you need to watch out for? You may be having fun in bed with different partners every night, but you will not be having fun once you learn that you already have an STD.

How Can You Get Infected with an STD?

Contrary to the myth, you cannot get infected by sexually transmitted diseases just by touching someone who has an STD. It is spread through sexual intercourse. However, it may also be transferred in several ways:

  • Pregnancy- 

Pregnant women, who are already infected with an STD, will transmit the disease to their child. Also, if they are infected and are breastfeeding, they will transfer the STD to their infant as well.

  • Drug use- 

You will get infected when you share needles when using an abusive substance with someone who already has STD.

  • Skin-to-skin contact-

In some cases such as herpes, skin-to-skin contact can infect you, especially if you touched the infected body part.

STD Symptoms You Might Be Missing


Most sexually transmitted diseases show little to no signs or symptoms. Therefore, it is best to get tested even if you do not notice anything unusual. Although your body is not showing any STD symptoms, you may still want to watch out for these signs:

You experience pain while having sex

Sexual intercourse is supposed to make you feel pleasurable and euphoric. However, there are instances when you feel pain during penetration. To ease this pain, lubrication is applied, but if this method does not alleviate the discomfort you feel, it is a warning sign that you have STD. Discomfort during sexual intercourse, mostly in the cases of women, is a telltale sign that you might have a sexually transmitted disease. This sign could be a symptom of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, or herpes. Chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea are curable using antibiotics. However, in the case of herpes, there is still no cure. You need to manage the symptoms using medication.

You feel pain when you urinate

If you have the frequent urge to urinate and you experience pain during urination, it might be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease. Sadly, some people tend to diagnose themselves. Whenever they feel pain during urination, they attribute it to a urology issue, such as a urinary tract infection or UTI.
Therefore, they just go home and drink as much cranberry juice as they can, or they take pain relievers.

You have an unusual discharge from your genitals

Whether you are a man or a woman, you may notice a discharge coming from your penis or vagina. However, if you notice something unusual, you may want to see your doctor immediately. Thick, foul-smelling, and discolored discharge may be a sign of STD. Gonorrhea may cause your discharge to have a foul smell. Chlamydia may cause an increase in your vaginal discharge and trichomoniasis may cause your discharge to become yellowish and smelly.

You notice sores, warts, and rashes in your genital area

These symptoms are obvious. Once you see them you need to see your doctor right away. Although rashes or sores may be due to an allergic reaction, you must still visit your doctor to make sure. However, when you notice warts on your genitals, it may indicate that you have an STD. Have yourself checked and tested to be sure.

If you are sexually active and you have multiple sex partners, do not wait for STD signs to manifest themselves. The chances are these signs will only reveal themselves when the STD has progressed to a worse stage. Have yourself tested early to receive immediate medical attention? To gain more knowledge about the signs of STDs, do click here.

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Angie is a health enthusiast specialnesses in spreading STD education across the country. She enjoys what she does and loves to travel to different areas. She loves to write for websites and is a family girl at heart.

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