Here are eight of the most effective methods to implement in your own workplace. If utilized properly, the techniques should help increase productivity and eventually result in a happier, healthier work environment.


Find Ways to Make Communication More Straightforward

Communication More Straightforward

It’s estimated that the average U.S. office worker spends at least thirteen hours each week sorting through and responding to emails. How many of those emails are truly necessary? Try switching to other methods of communication that are more time-efficient. There are digital platforms that can ease the strain of communication and leave records of important tasks and conversations. Companies can also implement more meetings that can be conducted quickly and that negates the need for endless email chains.

Re-Evaluate How Tasks Are Delegated to the Office

Tasks Are Delegated to the Office

If employees aren’t managing each other well, productivity can take a real hit. Micromanaging can cause employees to feel too controlled and babied. On the other hand, hands-off managers often struggle to hold their workers accountable when it comes to accomplishing their assigned tasks. Take some time to figure out what management styles are being used throughout the company and make adjustments if necessary. This will help employees feel happier in their workspace and ensure that work is being finished in an orderly fashion.

Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions

Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions

There are dozens of things drawing workers’ attention away from their important tasks each day. Cell phones, meetings, emails, social media, gossip, and even snack breaks can seriously disrupt an office’s productivity flow. Although it’s impossible to remove every distraction from an environment, find ways to minimize productivity killers. Ban cell phone use and personal calls while people are at their desks and transition to an open-space layout where everyone can be held accountable for their actions.

Ensure That All Office Equipment Functions Properly

Not only can a perpetually jammed printer irk workers and cause plenty of annoyance, but it can also make simple tasks take longer than they should. Conduct a thorough inspection of the office to make sure that everything is running smoothly. All machines, including the snack machine and dishwasher, should work without hiccups. Ensure that all workers have access to the materials they need, from staplers to computers. The goal is to make the daily work schedule as easy to follow as possible without frustrating setbacks.

Get ISO 9001 Certified

What’s that, you ask? Well, ISO9001 is a Quality Management System utilized by companies around the world. It can help hold your company to a high standard, which therefore assists in improved work processes and product quality. ISO9001 will evaluate how your company is managed and help you identify where improvements could be made. The changes can increase employee morale and job satisfaction, as well as boost the overall results of your company. Read about how to get ISO 9001 certified today so your company can start experiencing better productivity.

Cultivate an Atmosphere of Personal Well-Being and Health

The more an employee feels that their company cares about their overall wellness, the more likely they are to stay engaged in their work. Overly-stressed workers tend to burn out, and they can spread their dissatisfaction to other corners of the office. That’s why more and more companies are focusing on supporting their workers’ financial and mental wellbeing. Mental health days and counselors can help ease employees’ psychological struggles and promote a healthy lifestyle. Open conversations about money problems can prevent workers from letting their financial concerns influence their work productivity.

Atmosphere of Personal Well-Being and Health

Additionally, companies should encourage friendships and strong interpersonal communication in the workplace. Studies have shown that coworkers are more satisfied with their jobs when they have a best friend in the office, so facilitate healthy relationships and conversation.

Give Employees Flexibility When It Comes to Hours and Location

An increased number of workplaces are offering flexible working arrangements. People enjoy being able to work from home in certain cases, and heightened flexibility when it comes to scheduling hours in the office can certainly make employees feel happier. Luckily, it seems that allowing workers to work remotely can actually benefit the company’s productivity. People who work from outside the office at least three or four days a week tend to experience optimal engagement levels because they feel they can better balance their work and personal life.

Hand Out Non-Monetary Rewards to Those Who Deserve Them

Just because a company can’t afford to hand out raises doesn’t mean that it can’t reward employees who are highly productive and reliable. Research has indicated that increased PTO and vacation time can boost productivity. If someone has been working especially hard recently, give them an extra day or two off in response. Encourage them to actually utilize their vacation days to travel free of stress and rejuvenate their work ethic.

In Conclusion

Increasing productivity in the workplace doesn’t have to be a matter of money. By giving employees flexibility, working equipment, support, and proper management and communication techniques, any company can promote a healthy work environment with great results.

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