The corona-virus pandemic has turned the world upside down and challenged livelihoods. It has posed a great deal of insecurity and has affected millions around the globe. The extent of the infections due to the virus is widespread, and the world is still fighting them. According to reports, thousands are suffering from the effects of the pandemic. In this scenario, the importance of those dealing with the crisis has increased manifold.

The health professionals are working day and night to take care of the ailing and look after them. And this is the reason that everyone is looking up to them for treatment and recovery.

However, the good part is that there are more ways to serve humanity. It is happening in generally two ways; healthcare practitioners and those from other professions. Experts from other disciplines complement the efforts of the doctors and the nurses. They serve as one unit, enabling healthcare workers to fulfill their duties effectively. Together, they work in synergy to support the healthcare system and be of service to others. For instance, keeping people strengthened to fight stress and anxiety; the psychologist provides mental peace and prevents chaos.

This article will look at the different workforce working side by side and rendering their services. So, let’s begin.

1. Social Workers

Social workers come forward as the first and foremost in every crisis and provide the necessary help. They are the ones who reach out to the needy at their doorstep and extend their assistance. Interestingly, you will find them working in every field and supporting other relevant professions.

Now, we know that every person with a volunteering spirit aspires to be a social worker. But a person wishing this must incorporate two essential elements in them. Firstly, they need to have an excellent academic background, and secondly, they must have experience. To attain a degree, they can enroll in an online BSW program to fulfill the knowledge and qualification requirements. Likewise, they must volunteer for social work to gain experience in the field.

2. Nurse Practitioners

Nurses are one of the most important key players in the healthcare system and deserve mention. If they didn’t have nurses, we wouldn’t be able to deal with the ongoing pandemic. They serve people professionally by working as a bridge between the doctor and the patients. They provide valuable information to the doctors to enable them to treat the patients.

Nurses are also especially important because they bring in the element of sympathy in healthcare. An example of this is the nurses sitting by the bedside of the patients suffering from chronic illnesses. It’s them who spend late hours at the hospital to be of assistance to others. They also work as the link connecting the staff of different departments.


3. The Psychologists

Psychology is known as the field assisting people in resolving their conflicting personal issues. But beyond the general notion, their professional assistance is precious. They utilize all their expertise to help the patients in any way they can. They go into the depths of the problems and attempt to solve the puzzles of life.

Their dedication and professionalism allow the patients to see a new ray of hope and light and find a solution to their issues. Apart from the psychologists, psychiatrists work closely with the ailing to help with their mental health and prescribe medicines for their wellbeing.

4. Life Counselors

Counselors are the ones who provide discreet and superlative professional assistance to their clients. A counselor is generally known as the one who provides help to the students or professionals. They help them in choosing their career path and resolving professional difficulties. But the role is so much more important.

Counselors use their professional skills to provide mentorship to those who come to them with issues. It means that they offer them the guidance to take the steps in their life confidently and successfully. This way, the clients discover the purpose in life again and benefit themselves and their families.

5. Public Health Educator

The health of the masses and the information about it is immensely important. And that’s where the role of public health educators comes into play. They disseminate crucial information and provide the necessary guidance to the masses. The truth is that the authorities always need to propagate the information to help them overcome common diseases.

And, no government can do such sort of large-scale health-work on its own. Public health educators utilize the skills to assist the government and come up with mass health solutions. Without them, it would be challenging to imagine disseminating information to the masses and avoiding diseases.

Then, the role of these educators goes much deeper than the usual one. They go down to assess the needs of the masses to come up with viable solutions. They also devise strategies to help people with their issues in a permanent sense. They also suggest ways for the communities to resolve their issues long-term. Not just this, but they also maintain health education programs and become their voice.

6. Rehabilitation Experts

It is another field in direct relation to healthcare and its branches. If we look at healthcare, there is a staggering figure of substance abuse victims. There are many other sorts of issues, such as those related to mental health, that need rehabilitation. They need it to return to their lives and find normalcy in them. Rehabilitation experts extend help to them utilizing their professional abilities. In this, they sometimes encounter grave issues that threaten their mental peace, but they remain firm.

In this scenario, the role of rehabilitation experts becomes pivotal in overcoming the underlying issues in society. They offer a renewed chance of survival to those who have almost lost their lives or are too discouraged to relive it. Rehabilitation comes as a ray of hope for them and their families.


Today, humanity is suffering much and tremendously, but there is always a ray of hope for those affected. When we look at those serving the ailing, we mostly highlight the role of the healthcare practitioners. As discussed above, many other professions play a vital role in bringing people back to life. They are the ones who use the skill and ability to serve humanity.

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