Impotence is a layman term for erectile dysfunction which is a serious medical condition involving an inability of erection in men.

The condition is prevalent in most men in their old age, which makes people believe that old age is the only factor for impotence, however old is only one, other serious factors can lead to the condition of impotence in men in their young age as well.

Fortunately, the condition is treatable and you can find Kamagra Oral Jelly suppliers Australia as the best option for medical treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Factors causing impotence in men

These factors are classified into,

  1. Psychological factors
  2. Medical factors
  3. Personal, Lifestyle factors

1. Psychological factors:

The two main psychological problems in men that lead to impotence are

  • Anxiety: It is a state of abnormally high or excited mood, panic attacks, or trembling in unfavorable situations.
  • Depression: A constant low mood that hinders the capability to think critically is called depression.

Both anxiety and depression may combine to form a state of mania. These problems lead to erectile dysfunction because most men can’t relax enough to focus on the intimate stimulus for erection.

2. Medical factors:

Any underlying health conditions that induce inflammation, oxidative stress, or hypertension can lead to erectile dysfunction. Problems such as diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, liver failure, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, and venous insufficiency can be the causes of impotence in young and old men.

3. Lifestyle factors:

These can either be socioeconomic, or habitual factors.

  • A lower economical standard of living contributes to the development of impotence
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem also play a role in reducing desires.
  • Eating habits including fatty food, high sodium intake, foods rich in LDL cholesterol, lack of protein in the diet, and heavy portion size can lead to obesity which increases the risk of impotence.
  • Lack of physical activities and workouts leads to the build-up of fats in the body and may cause muscle weakness because of disuse.

These were most of the factors for impotence in men at a young age and the list is much longer. But do you understand why these factors cause impotence?

Let’s discuss the pathophysiology of erection problems to understand the concept.

Understanding impotence:

Erection is biologically possible when vasodilation of blood vessels around and inside the genitals occurs to carry oxygenated blood to the target site.

Anything that hinders smooth muscle relaxation or blood flow to the genitals can cause erectile dysfunction and all of the above psychological, medical, and lifestyle factors stops the blood from reaching the target site either directly or through secondary mechanisms.

Thus they cause erectile dysfunction or impotence.


Treatment for impotence:

A variety of treatment options for erectile dysfunction are available that not only boost hormonal problems but also helps you sustain an erection for longer. These options include,

  • Medical treatment
  • Supplements
  • Surgeries
  • Diet
  • Exercise

Medical treatment:

Drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors and SSRIs help resolve erection problems for most men and an effective solution is Kamagra Oral Jelly. You can find Kamagra Oral Jelly suppliers in Australia to be the best and most effective options for online buy.


Many supplements that boost hormones and improves mood are helpful in impotence, however, there is no clear scientific evidence present supporting the use of supplements for erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction surgeries are effective but these should only be the last option when all the other methods fail to treat your impotence.


A diet rich in antioxidants, proteins, and lower in fats and sodium will help you keep a healthy erection throughout life.


Moderate to intense cardio training helps improve circulation, resolving impotence.

Kegel exercises for pelvic floor strengthening are also proved to be effective in such situations.

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