The Internet has gripped the world for good reasons. From the moment you subscribe to any of the service providers, you can do anything from entertaining yourself to gaming, socializing, streaming, surfing, and downloading.

With several types of the internet including DSL, cable, and fiber, the availability of each one of them differs from one location to another. However, another type of internet connection that people are not much aware of is satellite internet. The majority of satellite internet users reside in rural areas. The reason is the unavailability of other types of connections.

The two most popular ones are HughesNet and Viasat. As far HughesNet is concerned, they offer similar speeds on all of its plans. With download speeds of 25Mbps, you also get a limited amount of data caps.

But the biggest advantage of HughesNet is the provision of customer support that can be availed through servicio al cliente de HughesNet. Similarly, the biggest advantage of Viasat is the speed it offers and unlimited data caps. But be ready to pay a higher price than any other connection offering similar speed.

When it comes to satellite internet, you can do almost all the basic activities such as browsing websites, socializing on social media platforms, watching YouTube videos, and so much more. But sometimes, you might face slower speeds than normal. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why your satellite internet is slow and how to fix it. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Check for Other Options

If you are using satellite internet to stay connected with the world, you might have experienced nightmares. Without a doubt, it is an ideal option for rural dwellers, but not a better alternative to cable, fiber, or DSL internet.

If you want to experience high speeds with a satellite connection, make sure to check for alternative options. You might have chosen satellite internet because there was no other option available. But trying again by entering your zip code might come up with a few other options.

The best place to visit is to check service providers in your area by entering the Zip Code. It is free to check so the mind does not try it before you get upset.

However, if the satellite is the only option available, we would recommend you to prefer Viasat over HughesNet due to higher speeds and unlimited data caps. Another satellite provider that is providing better internet speeds is Starlink internet.

Check Dish and Cables

We all know what it takes to get satellite internet. The service provider installs a big dish on your rooftop or in the backyard. Make sure to check for any damages, loose connections, or cracks in the cables. Another thing you need to check is whether any moles or squirrels have damaged the cables. If so, make sure to replace it as early as possible to get optimal speed.


Clear any Obstacles and Debris

Satellite internet is highly dependent on a dish that is installed on your rooftop and cables that are connected to it. If you find a huge amount of snow, debris, or grime, make sure to clear it off as quickly as possible. If there has been a thunderstorm in your area, make sure to check for once whether any branches or leaves are not obstructing the dish.

Inspect the Positon of Your Dish

When it comes to satellite internet in the United States, you need to make sure that the receiver is pointed towards the southern sky. If the position of the dish is displaced, just give a call to your satellite provider and ask them to fix the issue as early as possible.

Unlike DSL and cable internet, satellite connection needs technical personnel to fix the issue. They know exactly where to position the dish to match the coordinates. Trying on your own could be risky and may result in hefty damages if you have no idea about positioning and cables.

Summing Up

The nightmares of a slow internet connection are normal, but that should not stop you from calling customer support. Before you call your service provider, it is good to have a look at all the cable and dishes so that you could save time. Hope now your satellite internet is working fine after following the aforementioned tips.

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