Fires are devastating events that can destroy homes and property in minutes and threaten the lives of occupants. While you can take precautions to prevent fires to some extent, it is wise to invest in a reliable fire alarm system as an early warning measure. A properly installed and maintained fire alarm can alert you to fires quickly, giving you precious time to escape and call for help. There are many important reasons why a fire alarm system should be a top safety priority for every home. From saving lives and valuables to obtaining property insurance discounts, this article will outline the key benefits of having a fire alarm installed.

Early Warning

A fire alarm system provides the earliest possible warning of a fire, allowing you valuable minutes to evacuate to safety. The system works by using smoke detectors and/or heat detectors to constantly monitor your home for signs of fire. The moment smoke or a significant rise in temperature is detected, the alarm sounds. The more time you have between a fire starting and evacuating, the greater the chances that everyone escapes safely and firefighters can contain the blaze. Even a few extra minutes can make a huge difference.

Life Safety

The fundamental purpose of any fire alarm system is to protect life and safety by detecting fires early and alerting occupants to evacuate. Lives lost to fires are often the result of late detection and inadequate warning. A professionally installed and properly maintained fire alarm gives you the best chance of receiving an alarm before a fire spreads, allowing everyone to get out safely. Regular testing of the system ensures it will activate immediately and correctly in a real fire.

Peace Of Mind

A properly installed and maintained fire alarm system provides peace of mind by protecting your home and family around the clock. Knowing that an alarm will sound immediately if a fire breaks out allows you to rest more easily. You no longer have to rely solely on your senses to detect a fire; the alarm system is constantly on guard, even while you sleep. The reassurance that comes from this extra layer of fire protection is priceless.

Fire Alarm

Protection Of Valuables

The window of time a fire alarm buys you between detection and evacuation gives firefighters a better chance to contain fire damage to parts of your home. This can mean the difference between losing irreplaceable possessions like family photos, heirlooms, documents, and electronics versus salvaging at least some of these valuable items. Even a few minutes’ head start in fighting the fire can help save valuables that money cannot replace.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes with functioning fire alarm systems. This is because alarms have been proven to decrease the likelihood of loss of life and property damage from fire. Thus, you should consider fire alarm system installation in New Berlin, WI. The discounts can range from 5–10% and help offset some of the upfront cost of the fire alarm system. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about fire alarm discounts.

Automatic Notification

More advanced DASH SYMONS Alarm Systems have the ability to automatically notify the fire department when an alarm is triggered. This is done using a modem or cellular module that contacts the fire department directly over the phone lines or a cellular network. Automatic notification can summon firefighters to your home in just minutes, often faster than if you had to notice the alarm, locate your phone, and dial 911 yourself. Every second counts in a fire, so automatic notification removes delays and gets professional help to the scene as soon as possible.

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