Are you planning to commute to a new state or across the country? If yes, you might be worrying about how to transport your car safely to the new address. Well, there are two car shipping options, open-air and enclosed. 

Both methods have their own advantages. However, before scheduling any of the shipping services, have a look at the difference between the two. It will help you to decide which option caters to your needs. Let’s get started!

Types Of Car Carriers  

There are three common types of car carriers:

  • Open Car Carrier
  • Hard Side Enclosed Car Carrier
  • Soft Side Enclosed Car Carrier

Open Air Car Carriers

It is a common type of car carrier that most people relate to car transportation. The truck’s length typically lies between 75 and 80 feet. It hauls a two-level trailer that loads cars in a long row on the top, as well as a short row of cars on the bottom. There are no sides or roof on the trailer. 

If you opt for this type of auto transport service, make sure that your vehicles will be exposed to sun, hail, snow, or rain. However, the transport companies take great care to deliver the vehicles to their final destinations safely. 

They employ well-trained truckers who know the value of their cargo. To reduce the mobility and vibrations caused by the road while shipping the vehicles, they are neatly strapped and packed. 

Pros Of Open Car Carriers

  • Shopping via open transport is cheaper and faster than the enclosed option.
  • Since there are numerous open-carriers on the road, this makes it easier for you to book a preferred shipping and arrival time.
  • It is an affordable way to ship your vehicle from one place to another. Around 7 to 10 vehicles can be loaded on a 2-tier trailer at one time, which helps you save money.
  • Further, an open-air carrier is lighter than the enclosed one. It cuts down fuel costs. 


Enclosed Car Carrier

An enclosed car shipping carrier is another great option you can use to transport your vehicles to the new accommodation. It is the best way to ship a classic or custom vehicle. In this type of carrier, the vehicles are loaded in a covered truck. They can carry up to 5 automobiles at a time. 

Usually, they come in two forms that are not differentiated. However, there is a little difference between the two-

Hard Side Enclosed Car Carrier

Most of the enclosed car carriers are hard side and look similar to the moving company trucks or a semi-trailer freight. They are made of aluminum, tin, or fiberglass shell. All the vehicles kept inside are completely protected from the weather elements.

Soft Side Enclosed Car Carrier

The soft-side trailers have hard-shelled front, back, and top. But, a soft canvas is pulled tight on its sides. It works well to protect automobiles from outside. However, some dirt may drift inside. 

Pros Of Enclosed Car Carriers

  • Enclosed carriers keep the vehicle protected from the weather and road debris. They provide higher vehicle security.
  • They offer greater insurance protection.
  • The driver gives complete attention to provide you with transparency and customer care while transporting. 
  • A single-car trailer ensures that your luxury car is transported safely to the new address. 

Why It Is Better To Go For Enclosed Car Carrier Option?

The foremost reason why it makes sense to choose an enclosed car carrier option is that it provides greater safety and protection. If you are shipping a vehicle worth thousands of dollars, enclosed transport provides an extra insurance policy. 

Besides, enclosed carriers are a better option for the vehicles having low ground clearance vehicles. If you drive these vehicles on an open carrier, it may damage their undercarriage. 

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