We often think of doctors as being above getting injured or sick on the job. After all, they are there to take care of us when we are injured or sick.

Yet, doctors face a lot more risks of injury at their workplace than many other careers. In fact, the CDC says the medical profession has one of the highest work-related disease and injury rates than many other industries.

Let’s take a look at some of the dangers they face on a daily basis. After reading, you may want to look for another job in the medical field!

Biological hazards

Doctors are exposed to many different diseases as they are at the frontline when it comes to curing people. They face airborne viruses, infections and can even be stabbed by needles.

The ways to become infected are so varied that it is a wonder they are able to stay healthy. They are in contact with infected patients all day. And no matter how good a job the cleaning crew does, there are going to be contaminants on just about every surface.

Airborne diseases can remain in the air for hours and be breathed in at any time. It’s very important to have good disability insurance when you’re a doctor like from Physicians Thrive.

Chemical hazards

A hospital needs a lot of chemical disinfectants to keep the patients and staff as safe as possible. Many of these chemicals leave gas in the air that prolonged exposure can cause many health problems.

Even laser surgery creates dangerous fumes that the surgeons end up breathing.

Respiratory illnesses are common among doctors for this reason.

Physical injuries

There are wet surfaces everywhere from spills to floors being mopped which makes it very easy to have a slip and fall injury. Cuts from sharp instruments are always a threat and lifting a heavy patient can throw out a back very easily.

Many times aides, nurses and transporters bear the brunt of the heavy work, but doctors are also called upon to do some manual lifting and physical work especially in an emergency room setting.

Workplace violence

This may not be common knowledge but doctors and nurses are often in harm’s way because of a violent patient or even family member of a patient.

Some patients can be combative because they are on substances like drugs and alcohol, or they may be violent by nature and blame the doctor for their predicament.

Family members also may not like the way their family member is being treated for their injuries or illness and take it out on the doctor by raising hands on him or her.


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